Dept. of Revenue: Collections, April FY2021 general purpose revenue

 Collections for MonthCollections to Date
Revenue SourceFY20FY21% changeFY20FY21% change
Individual Income         545,019         819,12350.3%     6,345,061     6,958,0939.7%
General Sales & Use         432,488         589,63436.3%     4,310,792     4,583,9196.3%
Corporate           81,258         394,129385.0%     1,261,648     2,063,64363.6%
Excise Taxes           72,807           56,975-21.7%         525,683         506,821-3.6%
Other           13,680           12,958-5.3%         258,996         270,5764.5%
Total GPR     1,145,251     1,872,81963.5%   12,702,180   14,383,05113.2%

This report includes general purpose revenue (GPR) taxes collected by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and does not include taxes collected by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, administrative fees, and other miscellaneous revenues. Total General Fund tax collections are reported in the Department of Administration’s Report of Monthly General Fund Financial Information, which includes GPR and program revenue taxes collected by all state agencies.


1.       In the current fiscal year, the due date for Individual Income Tax return payments was extended from April 15th to May 17th.  Last year these were also delayed but delayed further until July 15th.  Last year’s later due dates also included corporate returns, corporate estimated payments, and individual income estimated payments.  Those payments were still due on April 15th in the current year. 

2.       April sales tax payments generally reflect March purchases.  In March of last year, shutdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted sales tax activity. 

3.       Individual Income includes 60.7% of pass-thru withholding. Corporate Income includes the remaining 39.3%. 

4.       The Other category includes estate, utility, and real estate transfer tax collections. 

5.       Total does not include insurance premium taxes.

6.       This report is generated from the STAR Accounting System. Timing differences may cause the amounts in this report to differ from reports produced by the Department of Administration.

7.       All data are preliminary and unaudited.