DataChat closes on $25 million funding round

A software company called DataChat has closed on a $25 million funding round following a limited product launch of its data analytics platform.

The Madison-based company has developed a system that relies on artificial intelligence for natural language processing. Through a chat function, users can ask complex data questions and get answers and visualizations. The company’s CEO and co-founder, Jignesh Patel, says this reduces the need for technical expertise and empowers businesses to better understand their data.

This latest funding round builds on a previous seed funding round that raised $4 million in October 2020. Nepenthe Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, led the seed round and joined the $25 million round as well. Other investors included Redline Capital, Anthos Capital and Celesta Capital, all of which are also based in California.

“Jignesh and his team have a radically different approach to democratize analytics using a novel conversational paradigm, and they have a compelling vision to dramatically transform the existing analytics ecosystem,” said Tatiana Evtushenkova, a partner at Redline Capital.

The initial seed round supported technical development and the initial product launch with a limited set of customers, while the latest round will help the company “accelerate execution of both our product roadmap and our customer growth strategy,” Patel said in a statement.

“The reception has been a huge success,” he said.

Patel is a professor of computer sciences at UW-Madison, where the research that underpins the company’s technology was conducted. DataChat has also received funding from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the university’s patenting and licensing organization.

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–By Alex Moe