Dane Buy Local: Eat local, give local – supporting local restaurants

Madison, WI – Dane Buy Local announces the 5th annual Eat Local, Give Local restaurant event. It’s an all-day opportunity on Thursday, August 19, to have fun and good food while supporting local restaurants. Plus, 10% of sales will help Dane Buy Local in its efforts to serve the local business population.

A record 38 restaurants are participating in Eat Local, Give Local. “We have a restaurant for everyone to enjoy all over Dane County and all day long—breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” says Colin Murray, executive director of Dane Buy Local. “Go out to the participating restaurants to enjoy one, two, or all three meals. It’s as easy as that!”

Dining, shopping, and utilizing services locally is more important than ever. Businesses have experienced significant decreases not only from limited hours but also from reduced staff. When you spend your dollars with locally owned businesses, more money remains in our local economy, which benefits everyone. According to Civic Economics, a dollar spent at an independent restaurant returns approximately 47 cents to the local economy in comparison to only 14 cents from a local chain, and online purchases mean only a few pennies are returned. This money recirculates through the local economy, generating rippling effects that increase jobs, charitable contributions, and community prosperity. Where you spend your money matters.

“We will all be eating on August 19,” says Colin, “so why not do it at a locally owned restaurant? The dollars you’ll spend on your enjoyment will also have a positive impact on our local businesses and community.”

For more information about Eat Local, Give Local and Dane Buy Local, go to danebuylocal.com or contact Colin Murray at [email protected] or (608) 729-7342.