Dairy Stream podcast: Dairy farmers turn manure into renewable energy

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Dairy farmers are quickly coming to understand the value of manure and digesters. What was once considered a dairy cow byproduct is now viewed as an opportunity to generate revenue through renewable energy and to focus on sustainability.

Brian Dolski, chief financial officer at Pagel Family Businesses in northeastern Wisconsin, and Greg Steele, senior dairy lending specialist at Compeer Financial, discussed the business structure, challenges and economics of renewable natural gas (RNG) projects on a recent episode of the Dairy Stream podcast.

Compeer Financial sponsored this episode.

Listen here.

Podcast breakdown:

  • 2:12: Evolution of digesters
  • 4:59: Key players needed to start an RNG project
  • 8:41: Common challenges
  • 12:29: Nutrient management opportunities
  • 18:34: How location and size of farm affects costs
  • 22:30: How to structure a profitable deal
  • 25:12: Where money can be made with a digester

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