Consumer Choice Center: Wisconsin tied for last in electric vehicle index

Madison, WI: Today the Consumer Choice Center released the US Electric Vehicle Accessibility Index, which evaluates how consumer friendly each state is for purchasing an electric vehicle. Wisconsin tied for dead last because of its ban on direct-to-consumer sales, and its EV licensing fees which more than 2X higher than standard passenger vehicles.

David Clement, North American Affairs Manager for the DC based Consumer Choice Center and co-author of the index explained “The state government in Wisconsin needs to get out of the way if Wisconsin is going to join the EV revolution.”

“Wisconsin’s ban on direct-to-consumer vehicle sales actively discriminates against EV manufacturers, which does nothing but make these vehicles more expensive, and less accessible. In today’s modern age of limitless information, there is no serious justification for a ban on direct sale, other than protecting the existing industry from disruption and competition,” Said Clement.

US Affairs Analyst, and index co-author, Elizabeth Hicks continued with “On top of that, if someone in the state wants to register an electric vehicle, the registration cost is more than 2X higher than a standard passenger vehicle. Rather than actively discourage consumers from purchasing EVs with inflated fees, the state should remain neutral and simply treat EVs like they would any other standard passenger vehicle.” 

“Wisconsin’s ban on direct-sales, and its skewed licensing fees, are why the state ranks so poorly on the US Electric Vehicle Accessibility Index. We recommend that the state review these outdated and heavy handed policies, so that Wisconsin isn’t watching the EV revolution from the sidelines,” Said Clement.