Bullhorn Films: UWM film director and partner form film production company

MILWAUKEE, WI– MURDERED by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, George Floyd’s death shook the nation and mobilized the masses to protest police brutality. UWM film director Sean Kafer and his partner, Madeleine Schweitzer, were compelled to participate and film the local unrest in Milwaukee. 

In the wake of the George Floyd trials, a new production company, Bullhorn Films, spotlights societal divisions to elevate and amplify voices, stories, and environments through the art of filmmaking. 

Kafer, a New London, Wisconsin native, has been the Program Director of doc|UWM, and instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) for nine years. He and his wife, Madeleine Schweitzer, a Milwaukee native, launched Bullhorn Films in the summer of 2020. 

“We’ve spent the past 300 days filming protests in Milwaukee and surrounding cities. From Kenosha to Wauwatosa, we’ve met incredible people with stories to tell. We’ve been in the trenches with them. We’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder while documenting the anger exuding from people who are angry for a wide range of reasons. I didn’t think it was possible after witnessing the humanity and inhumanity of Americans in the streets during a pandemic, but the projects we’ve been working on is going to shake Milwaukee and the nation to its core,” Kafer announced.

Kafer was struck by an off-duty Milwaukee police officer and is currently battling the legal system in Wauwatosa for the ticket he received in August 2020.

“There is never a dull moment. We think we’ve seen it all, and then something crazy happens. I always keep goggles in my bag just in case there’s tear gas,” Schweitzer adds.

Bullhorn Films evolved from a two-person company to a production house in less than one year. The team also collaborates with local activists and musicians. 

“I want to thank Madeleine and Sean for their total commitment. It’s difficult to make sure that the message is clear and there’s a connection from the screen to the people, and they feel what you’ve actually been going through. Sean and Madeleine have had our backs along the way. I’m so excited to be able to support them,” said Tiffany Henry, a local community member.