Brown County Port & Resources Recovery: Port of Green Bay shipping heads into final weeks

(Green Bay, Wis.) – Boosted by a strong month of petroleum product imports and a shipment of wood pulp, cargo shipments for the Port of Green Bay reached nearly 220,000 tons in November. That pushed the year-to-day total to nearly 1.8 million tons (1,795,186 tons), 9% above the year-to-date tonnage total from last year.

“At 9,000 tons, the wood pulp shipment to KK Logistics was the largest this shipping season,” said Dean Haen, Port of Green Bay director. “That’s good to see along with the continuing good import numbers for limestone, foreign petroleum products and cement. We’ve also seen an increase in newer commodities like carbon anodes and ash. With just a few weeks to a month remaining in the shipping season, we should be able to get very close to our annual target of moving 2 million tons of commodities through the Port.”  Haen says it’s also important to note that for the time in recent history, tonnage is increasing in all commodity categories; domestic import, domestic export, foreign import and foreign export.  

For the 2021-2022 shipping season, imports of domestic limestone have reached 521,000 tons, up 18% from 20020, while cement imports have reached 386,000 tons, up 3% over last year. Meanwhile, imports of  foreign petroleum products this year have jumped 2,778% over last year reaching more than 190,000 tons. The shipping season usually continues into January until the weather conditions and ice coverage force the shipping operations to discontinue until spring.

In November, 18 Lakers and one foreign ship called on the Port of Green Bay. For the current shipping season, 161 ships have visited the Port, up from 143 during the same time period in 2020.