Brown County Child Support: Partners in parent education

(Brown County, Wis.) – Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach’s 2022 budget proposal is setting aside $38,000 to provide noncustodial parents with employment and parenting services to improve court-ordered child support payment remittance.

“We recognize that the stability of child support collections depends upon the economic stability of noncustodial parents, many of whom face significant challenges,” says Streckenbach. “This unique and proactive approach of stepping up employment services to go along with their case management, child support services and fatherhood/parenting activities using peer support will help increase noncustodial parents’ success in supporting their children.”

As part of its 5-County Demonstration Project, known as ELEVATE, Brown County’s Child Support Agency will partner with My Brother’s Keeper in this initiative to help improve outcomes for families in our community.

“We couldn’t be more excited to enter into this new partnership with My Brother’s Keeper through our Access and Visitation grant,” says Maria Lasecki, Brown County Child Support Agency Director. “Mr. Sydney brings a wealth of mentoring and real-life experience to the table. Under his leadership, we’ll create an outlet for fathers where growth and learning can occur not only through effective mentorship but in a self-directed, peer to peer setting.”

“My Brother’s Keeperis excited to partner with the Brown County Child Support Agency as part of the 5-County Demonstration Project,” says Harry Sydney, President and Founder of My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. “Since 2003 My Brother’s Keeper has changed the lives of thousands and thousands of boys and men in Brown County and surrounding areas. We change their lives by changing their thought process creating the opportunities for families to thrive through our motto “Straight Talk ~ Sound Direction”.”

You can view Executive Streckenbach’s 2022 budget proposal online at: The entire Brown County Board of Supervisors will be holding its annual budget meeting on October 27th, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. at the Resch Expo.