Apricity: Surpasses $20,000 goal while promoting Recovery Month

NEENAH — For the entire month of September Apricity celebrated National Recovery Month to  increase awareness and understanding of substance use disorders and celebrate the people who are  in recovery. This is an annual campaign that celebrates and brings awareness of those in recovery  and recovery programming. To catapult donations that support Apricity’s three core treatment and  recovery programs during Recovery Month, Apricity announced a generous challenge match  totaling $20,000 from Roger and Lynn Van Vreede and an anonymous donor. All donations  Apricity received throughout the month of September were matched dollar for dollar up to  $20,000. 

Sixty-four generous donors helped Apricity reach and surpass the $20,000 fundraising goal and raise  $23,400. This included support from 91.1 The Avenue through in-kind radio airtime and the following  business donors: The Boldt Company, Fox Communities Credit Union, Truyman Haase Zahn  Insurance Group and Mike’s Vending, LLC.  

With the match, friends, community partners and major donors made Recovery Month twice as  successful raising a total of $43,400 for Apricity’s essential treatment and recovery services. These  programs change lives for many individuals afflicted with substance use disorders and their families,  just like former client Kelsey Ritter who said, “Recovery is life to me as I know it now. My life in  recovery has purpose, passion and meaning. There is no better feeling. Without Apricity’s  treatment program I’m not sure what my life would look like today. Apricity helped me realize I  deserved a good life, that recovery is possible for me and I could be AMAZING!”  

About Apricity: Apricity is a full-spectrum, state-licensed, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA)  certified treatment and recovery program. They provide inpatient and transitional residential  treatment, recovery support services, sober living, and job readiness/soft skills training to individuals  afflicted with substance use disorders (SUD). Additionally, Apricity provides community outreach and  education about SUD, trains recovery coaches and supports patients in ThedaCare emergency  departments and their behavioral health clinics who have experienced an opioid/stimulant overdose  or have a history of misuse. 

Apricity is a non-profit organization that provides those impacted by substance use disorders a full  spectrum of care including treatment, employment and support services in a safe, progressive  recovery community.