Alliant Energy: Record number of residential customers participate in energy efficiency programs

MADISON – February 23, 2021 – A record number of Alliant Energy’s residential customers found low-cost or no-cost energy efficiency options through the Focus on Energy program in 2020. Product discounts and the convenience of an online marketplace drove a 135% increase in participating customers who made their home more comfortable and efficient.

Alliant Energy’s energy efficiency programs make energy-saving upgrades more affordable and are part of the company’s purpose-driven strategy to serve customers and build stronger communities.

“As our customers spent more time at home due to the pandemic, they took a more active role in controlling their energy use,” said Jeff Adams, Alliant Energy’s lead customer product manager. “The product packs and bundles we offer through our partner, Focus on Energy, make it easy to keep everyone comfortable while making your home more energy efficient.”

Our customers’ active participation is even more striking given that many of the in-person energy efficiency trainings, on-site energy assessments and project installations scheduled in 2020 were either cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic. Instead, thousands of customers purchased products, including advanced power strips, water-saving items, LED lights, and smart thermostats. They also took advange of free energy-saving packs.

“The products in our online Marketplace are instantly discounted to reflect our energy efficiency rebates,” Adams said. “Qualifying customers don’t have to fill out any applications or forms to get their money back and some orders ship for free.”

New energy-saving LED lightbulb kits were added to the Marketplace for 2021. To see what the Marketplace has to offer, visit