Airbnb: Announces #1 most hospitable Hosts in Wisconsin

Airbnb today announced the #1 most hospitable Hosts in the entire state of Wisconsin — David and Laurie from Birchwood, with their listing the Birchwood Blue Cabin. Birchwood is a small community in Washburn County, in the far northwestern corner of the state.

This stems from our release of a wider report highlighting the most hospitable Host in each of the 50 U.S. states. The criteria was achieving a 100% rate of 5-star reviews in the categories Cleanliness, Check-in and Communication (with a minimum of 100 reviews). 

David and Laurie have had over 230 reviews at their cabin — without ever once getting less than a 5 star review in these critical hospitality and safety categories. There were four Hosts in Wisconsin that achieved this distinction, but David and Laurie had the most number of reviews, which is how they’ve achieved the #1 designation.

Upon learning of their distinction, David and Laurie told us they built the cabin as a weekend getaway years ago when they still lived in Minneapolis, but they fell in love so deeply with the community that they decided to move to Birchwood permanently. David says the cabin has a certain outdoorsy mystique and they go out of their way to promote that there is no Wi-fi and cell service is spotty, as it helps set expectations for guests who can prepare to fully disconnect.

They live nearby and make a point to personally greet their guests. “It changes how they feel about the cabin when they meet us, because they feel like they’re staying in our home,” said Laurie.

David and Laurie have indicated that they are happy to talk if any members of the media wish to learn more about her or how she achieved this distinction as the #1 most hospitable Airbnb Host in Wisconsin.

Our published report can be found here