Agricycle: Revolutionizes grilling by launching upcycled, plant-based charcoal, tropicoal ignition

MILWAUKEE (September 30, 2021) — Milwaukee-based Wisconsin-benefit corporation, Agricycle Global Inc. is launching Tropicoal Ignition on October 4, 2021. A sustainable and plant-based charcoal made from three upcycled ingredients: coconut shells, palm kernel shells and cassava root, the brand was developed to revolutionize the grilling industry by replacing wood-burning charcoal to fight deforestation.
Every year, one and half a million acres of forest are burned into charcoal in the world with each tree releasing 90% of its carbon into the atmosphere. In addition, 2.8 trillion tonnes of food are lost annually, contributing to 6% of yearly greenhouse gas emissions. With its new brand, Agricycle is shifting the deforestation economy from cutting trees to protecting them.
“By using upcycled quality ingredients, we’re bringing value back to the ancestral trees that produce them. Using Tropicoal provides a cleaner burn, food and footprint with less ash, smoke and odor than regular wood-burning charcoal.”
Agricycle COO Jacob Foss
Tropicoal is nothing but pure energy and 100% food loss —meaning no burning or inhaling unknown fillers or chemicals— creating a hotter burn that lasts up to twice longer than regular wood-burning charcoal briquettes. Less is more with Tropicoal. You can use half the amount of briquettes used with wood-burning charcoal.

The brand sources its ingredients from smallholders and women-and-youth-led processing cooperatives. When the upcycled coconut shells have been carbonized, it’s brought to briquette makers, who are refugees and internally displaced people to create the final briquettes. From start to finish, Tropicoal is fueling sustainable jobs across the globe.

Opposed to the typical charcoal bag, each box of Tropicoal is made with an easy-to-carry handle and a box made with recycled and recyclable materials. Tropicoal will be available in two sizes: a 12-lbs multi-grill for $19.99 and a 2.2-lbs single-grill box for $5.99. It will be one of the first and only charcoal brands available for sale online for one-time purchases and a subscription model because of the non-hazmat and natural content. Starting October 4th, customers can order regular shipments of Tropicoal to be conveniently delivered directly to their homes or head to the local REI store where Tropicoal will be stocked at select locations.

About Tropicoal Ignition

Tropicoal Ignition was developed to replace wood-burning charcoal. This is an upcycled, sustainable charcoal that burns hotter, lasts longer, and is ending deforestation using just three natural ingredients: coconut shells, palm kernel shells and cassava starch.

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About Agricycle Global Inc.

Agricycle bridges the gap between smallholders in emerging economies and global markets by democratizing access to the agricultural value chain through our distributed network and portfolio of upcycled ingredients.

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