ADC: Webinar to tackle ‘Net Zero’ at farm level

GREEN BAY, Wis. — What does “Net-Zero” really mean for the dairy industry? The industry and organizations are pushing farmers to do something, but exactly what should they do?

That’s what the American Dairy Coalition (ADC) wants to help dairy farmers find out.

This tough topic is the central topic for ADC’s annual business meeting featuring GHG Guru Dr. Frank Mitloehner on Thursday, December 9th from 12 to 1:30 p.m. Central Time. It is being held virtually so that dairy farmers across the country can participate.

As keynote speaker, the engaging Frank Mitloehner, Ph.D., animal science professor and air quality specialist at University of California – Davis, will share his insights and help farmers wade through the noise. Known as the GHG Guru, his ‘handle’ on Twitter, Mitloehner is a foremost authority on greenhouse gas emissions and the dairy and livestock industries.

The business meeting will also include a welcome from Walt Moore, a Chester County, Pennsylvania dairy farmer who is president of American Dairy Coalition. During the meeting, farmers will also hear a federal policy update from ADC CEO Laurie Fischer.

“Scientific data is essential to develop sound solutions. Regrettably, farmers are being told they need to do something to reduce their GHG emissions sooner rather than later,” notes Fischer. “With all of the different tentacles of companies, government entities, checkoff partners in the dairy industry – moving in all directions – many farmers are wondering exactly what they need to do, and how much it will cost them to meet the dairy industry’s Net Zero Initiative goal of being carbon-neutral or better by 2050.”

There is also the aspect of the dairy industry’s transformation 2030 agenda through national dairy checkoff and its industry partners. What does it all mean?

During this ADC webinar meeting on December 9th, Dr. Mitloehner will help farmers understand the moving parts and give suggestions on the best way to move forward when it seems like there is too much push and not enough knowledge to understand the right path forward.

To register for the ADC webinar, scan the QR code with your phone or visit this link and scroll down to enter your registration information. A link to join in the meeting will then be emailed to you.

The webinar is free.

In addition, businesses wanting to help sponsor the event can email [email protected] for details.