Xcel Energy: Helps communities and organizations drive toward an electric vehicle future

Eau Claire, Wis.  (Jan. 21, 2020) – Switching to electric vehicles could help communities and organizations save money, use less gasoline and reduce carbon emissions, and the results of a new study of fleet vehicles show just how much they can save.

Several Wisconsin communities and organizations, including the cities of Eau Claire, Menomonie and La Crosse, along with Mayo Clinic Health Systems and UW-Stout participated in a voluntary study to help determine if any of their current fleet vehicles could be cost effectively replaced with electric vehicles. Combined with results from those communities that participated in three other states Xcel Energy serves (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado), the study found that if 184 fleet vehicles were switched to all-electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, together that could save nearly $2.5 million. The vehicles would also save more than 45,000 gallons of fuel annually and reduce carbon emissions by nearly 1,200 tons.

The city of Eau Claire alone would save more than $103,000 on total cost of ownership for the fleet and reduce carbon emissions by 58 tons annually. “The study provided us with rich detailed analytics to understand which fleet vehicles would make financial sense to convert to electric,” said Ned Noel, associate planner, city of Eau Claire. “We are grateful to Xcel Energy for the technical assistance. This work led to our comprehensive EV Roadmap that projects over the next 10 years how to convert 15% of our fleet to electric.”

As part of this study, Xcel Energy worked with FleetCarma to install technology on selected fleet vehicles from each participating community or organization. The devices monitored how these vehicles were being used and tracked mileage traveled, fuel efficiency and idling time. This data helped identify which vehicles are best suited to be replaced with an electric vehicle, based on the financial and environmental benefits.

Xcel Energy’s ambitious electric vehicle plans are part of the company’s long-term clean energy strategy. Most recently, Xcel Energy filed a request with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to provide an electric vehicle charging program for residential, commercial and fleet customers. The company expects a decision from the PSCW later this spring. 

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