WPS Health Solutions: COVID-19 Response Team reaches out to higher-risk health insurance members

MADISON, Wis.—May 12, 2020—In response to the coronavirus pandemic, WPS Health Insurance/Arise Health Plan is checking on higher-risk members with phone calls from a COVID-19 Response Team.

The need for virtual check-ins became evident as health care providers were canceling scheduled appointments and elective surgeries in the early stages of the pandemic. The WPS/Arise team of three Registered Nurses/Integrated Care Managers helps to promote good outcomes even when routine care is temporarily interrupted.

“On April 21, we made our first call for the COVID-19 project. Now, we are over 500 calls to our members and still growing every day,” says Kim Alton. “The calls have been very well received. Most members are grateful for talking with a Registered Nurse from their insurance company. The discussions have been educational and supportive for our members during these difficult times. They have expressed appreciation for our outreach and the care and concern that WPS/Arise has for them.”

The nurses are educating members about telehealth options and home delivery of medications.

“Many members are very interested in hearing about the Teladoc® benefit and appreciate the offer to assist them with setting up an account,” says Tracey Bishop. “We have provided education on Express Scripts home delivery service to allow easier access to their medication and give them one less thing to think about.

Members also are encouraged to follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for physical distancing, hand washing, and refraining from touching their faces. The nurses also ask whether the members have access to masks.

“The overwhelming response when talking with members is that they are truly appreciative when knowing that there are RN Case Managers working at WPS/Arise who care about them and their families and that we will be here for them in the future,” says Debra Hartwig.