WisDOT: Wisconsin DMV launches program that helps companies manage their fleet

WisDOT Office of Public Affairs

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New online system allows online vehicle registration renewal, improves efficiency

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) launches eMV Fleet Registration System. The new program features an online renewal for businesses renewing their registration for each vehicle in their fleet.

Businesses and organizations with multiple vehicle types, including fleet cars, heavy trucks, trailers and vehicles registered at 54,000 lbs and under, can use DMV’s new online renewal program to manage their fleet’s license plates. They can view their entire fleet on a customizable dashboard, select vehicles scheduled for renewal, renew and pay online.

“Our new eMV Fleet Registration System is the newest service developed to partner with businesses and enhance operations. What normally could take hours of company staff time can be done in minutes. The new system streamlines the process for managing all the tasks related to renewing company license plates,” DMV Administrator Kristina Boardman said. “This online renewal option is ideal for businesses with multiple vehicles.”

DMV’s eMV Fleet Registration System (wisconsindmv.gov/e-MVFleet) is a free program that lets companies easily manage these tasks:

  • process registration renewals
  • order replacement plates when renewing a vehicle
  • receive renewal notification by email
  • receive and print the vehicle’s Certificate of Registration instantly via a PDF
  • maintain their own stock of stickers
  • update their vehicle kept in information
  • renew a vehicle for multiple quarters or months

The only fees collected as part of the eMV Fleet Registration System are the registration (and/or replacement plate) fees associated with the renewal of license plates. Payments are made online. The online ACH (Automated Clearing House) account withdraws required fees when authorized at the end of the business day with no additional service fee. Renewing through other methods, such as individually online or by mail, remain an option.

Process overview

A company must register to access state of Wisconsin Internet applications by using the Web Access Management system (WAMS). They then complete an access form to begin their account with eMV Fleet.

Once enrolled, information on the company’s vehicles are readily accessible; no individual entry needed. Vehicles sold or transferred to a new owner in the DMV database will be automatically removed from the company’s fleet.

The company’s fleet manager can set up a dashboard and organize the vehicles. Some companies, for example, categorize their vehicles by location, type of vehicles, or individual vehicle numbers. There is no limit to the number of vehicles assigned to a company. Participants can arrange multiple fleets of vehicles that contain 1 to 200 vehicles per fleet.

Renewal notifications will be emailed. The company manager enters the eMV Fleet Registration System, selects the vehicle needing renewal, makes any necessary adjustments to vehicle kept in information, then renews online. An email confirmation includes a PDF of the Certificate of Registration. The task is completed in minutes after printing the Certificate of Registration, taking a sticker provided when enrolled, and taking it to the vehicle.

Outsourced service part of the team

While eMV Fleet Registration System greatly simplifies the vehicle registration process, some companies use an authorized processor to complete these transactions on their behalf. This partnership can continue.