Wisconsin Paper Council: Outlines the need to exempt papermakers, converters and printers from a “Safer at Home” order

Madison….The Wisconsin Paper Council is working with other industry partners to impress upon key policymakers the need to continue producing essential consumer and medical products which are vital in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Papermakers and their coalition partners in the converting and printing industries are key producers and shippers of the products which are critical in the fight against
this worldwide pandemic.

“Our manufacturing operations are critical in order to ensure that the public, especially the medical community, is protected from this dangerous virus,” stated Scott Suder, President of the Wisconsin Paper Council. “We are encouraging Governor Evers as well as state and federal legislative leaders to ensure that papermaking, converting and printing manufacturers are allowed to continue producing these vital consumer and medical products throughout this crisis.”

The Wisconsin paper industry considers the health and safety of our over 30,000 employees and their families of upmost importance. Wisconsin Paper Council member companies have implemented COVID-19 health, safety and operational plans to support their employees, visitors and customers during this unprecedented time. Papermakers and converters are manufacturing products that we all rely upon and they are adequately managing paper supplies to support customers throughout the nation.

The Wisconsin Paper Council (WPC) members and many of our coalition partners are requesting the Governor’s “Safer at Home” Executive Order define our industries as “essential business” operations and are made exempt from the restrictions included in such an order.

WPC will continue to work with members of both parties to ensure the continual flow of essential consumer and medical products throughout these trying times.