We Energies, WPS: Peregrine falcons welcome more than a dozen early Easter eggs

Milwaukee – As children prepare to search for crème eggs and milk chocolate bunnies this weekend, the peregrine falcons at We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) power plants already have full baskets of their own.

A final total of 15 eggs are resting inside four separate nest boxes across Wisconsin. If conditions are just right, the first ‘peeps’ from newborn peregrine falcons could come at the end of this month.
Oak Creek Power Plant
Essity and Michael are incubating four eggs. They’re expected to hatch between May 3 and 5. 

Valley Power Plant
Hercules and his mate, an unbanded female, are incubating three eggs. They’re expected to hatch between May 6 and 11.

Port Washington Generating Station
Beasley and Brinn are incubating four eggs. Brinn laid five, but unfortunately, one broke. The remaining eggs are expected to hatch between April 28 and May 4. 

Weston Power Plant (Download video here)
Rosalee and Sheldon are incubating four eggs at the WPS nest box in Rothschild. They’re expected to hatch between May 3 and 5. 

Keep an eye on our high-definition nest box cameras for the first signs of hatching. We’ll also post updates on Twitter and Facebook

Peregrine falcon program

We Energies and WPS are honored to be a part of a statewide effort to restore the peregrine falcon population. The Department of Natural Resources added peregrine falcons to Wisconsin’s endangered species list in the 1970s. 

Since our first successful nest box in the mid-90s, 402 peregrine falcons have hatched at our facilities. The falcons are drawn to tall structures along Lake Michigan or major rivers, which make many of the We Energies and WPS facilities ideal nesting sites.

This program is another way We Energies and WPS demonstrate environmental stewardship. From helping endangered animals and restoring natural habitats, to building new solar facilities and reducing carbon emissions, we are committed to a cleaner future.