WBA: Statement on Gov. Evers’ Executive Order requiring face coverings from Rose Oswald Poels, president/CEO

“Governor Evers’ executive order requiring face coverings offers certainty to banks and businesses across the state. For those financial institutions that had been operating in multiple jurisdictions under differing rules, this provides a uniform set of parameters for everyone to operate under.   

We also want to remind the public that each bank will have different procedures for identifying customers using their lobby. While complying with the governor’s executive order, customers may be asked to:    

  • Lower their mask for a few seconds while facing a security camera  
  • Lower their mask for a few seconds to allow staff to identify them  
  • Answer security/identification verification questions (similar to using phone banking services)  
  • Use the drive-through if they are unwilling or unable to comply with the bank’s guidelines for masks  

We encourage consumers to contact their bank directly with specific questions about wearing masks and/or other face coverings in the branch.”