WALA: Awards accreditation to Diamond Program participants, Beloit Senior Living

Beloit, WI – The Wisconsin Assisted Living Association wishes to congratulate Beloit Senior Living located

in Beloit, WI, on the recent achievement of Diamond Accreditation in WALA’s quality improvement pro-
gram, the Diamond Accreditation Program.

WALA’s Diamond Program believes that quality in an assisted living community is multifaceted and not

achieved by merely calculating data. Rather, creating a quality AL community is done through implement-
ing systems that support care and enrichment for residents and staff. This ensures that quality improve-
ment work should be an ongoing process that continues after Accreditation.

The Diamond Accreditation Process is built upon three Pillars of Care:
1. Resident/Tenant
2. Leadership
3. Community Workforce
The Diamond Accreditation Program believes these
Three Pillars of Care are fundamental to any AL community.
Beloit Senior Living is owned at operated by Great Lakes Senior Living and
have been participating in the Diamond Program since 2017. This RCAC
community has showed tremendous achievement in working with complex
quality improvement initiatives including employee retention and dining
Beloit Senior Living, led by Executive Director Kim Barker, has successfully

completed its accreditation on October 12, 2020 with an impressive pre-
sentation highlighting their internal quality improvement program and relat-
ed projects they have worked on since joining the Diamond Accreditation Program. Achieving the status

of Accreditation is a reflection of the dedication and commitment of the team at Beloit Senior Living has to
providing the highest quality of care to the residents they serve.
You can learn more about Beloit Senior Living by visiting them online at beloitseniorliving.com.
For more information about the Diamond Accreditation Program please visit WALA at ewala.org.