Urban League of Greater Madison: Young people partner with Wisconsin Urban Leagues to get out the vote

They’re too young to vote but teens are finding a voice in this election! By partnering withWisconsin Urban Leagues, young people are fueling a social media campaign challengingadults to vote.

Diverse teens share their hopes and fears for the future in the #voteforme video series. They speak frankly about racism, gender discrimination and climate change, urging adults to vote on their behalf. All three Wisconsin Urban Leagues have joined forces to give teens a platform to inspire voting.

“Now more than ever, it’s critical that we exercise our right to vote. We can’t afford to sit this one out. These young people remind us their future is at stake!” says Dr. Ruben Anthony, CEO of Urban League of Greater Madison.

The campaign has reached tens of thousands of people in Wisconsin, thanks to support from diverse community partners like Jewish Federation, Centro Hispano and Wisconsin League of Women Voters.

In addition to raising awareness with this video series, Dr. Anthony says, “We have beenhelping voters complete absentee ballots and will coordinate rides to the polls on electionday.”