TUE AM News: Mendota Juvenile Center prepares for expansion; MCW President concerned about potential COVID-19 spike due to protests

— As Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center prepares for an expansion, officials have decided to adjust treatment techniques to take advantage of the extra space. 

When Dr. Greg Van Ryborek opened Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center 25 years ago, he began developing the nationally acclaimed Today-Tomorrow Program to treat callous and unemotional tendencies. 

Through studying juveniles with callous and unemotional tendencies, Van Ryborek learned that punishment wasn’t an effective strategy with these patients because they were unable to register feelings of guilt or ownership. But reward could be extremely effective. 

According to Department of Health Services spokeswoman Elizabeth Goodsitt, the extra space from the renovation will enable the staff to separate the residents more responsive to the treatment from those who are less responsive. 

The staff hopes keeping residents who are making progress together will encourage prosocial behavior — actions intended to help others — and speed up the treatment process further. This will also enable the staff to save the “most secure units” for “most challenging juveniles,” said Goodsitt.

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— Dr. John Raymond, president of the Medical College of Wisconsin, said he’s “concerned and troubled” by the potential for a spike in COVID-19 cases after protests this weekend. 

“I have a high level of concern, not just because of crowding and the fact that many people weren’t wearing face coverings, but we know that African American and Latino populations and other disenfranchised minorities not only have a higher likelihood of getting the disease, but many have worse outcomes, especially African Americans,” Raymond said yesterday in a webinar hosted by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce.

According to MMAC President Tim Sheehy, 27 percent of Milwaukee’s population is black, yet that population accounts for 44 percent of Milwaukee’s deaths due to COVID-19.

In response to what COVID-19 taught Wisconsin about racial disparities, Raymond responded: “Undoubtedly, there are issues within the healthcare system that need to be addressed including inequitable access and unconscious bias of some providers. But I think the problem is more of a reflection of the many contributors of health, especially the social determinants of health.”

The social determinants of health include stable housing, living wage jobs, excellent education, safe neighborhood and nourishing food, which lead to better opportunities and better health, according to Raymond.

“At the end of the day, those are as important or maybe even more so than the quality of healthcare.”

— The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. says it will begin accepting applications online starting June 15 for the “We’re All In” Small Business Grant program.

The $75 million in funds stems primarily from the federal CARES Act. According to the WEDC, the grants will help small businesses recover from the costs of business interruption or health and safety improvements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while also encouraging businesses to adopt best practices to keep employees and customers safe.

“Small businesses have been hit especially hard by the pandemic,” said WEDC Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes in a statement. “The We’re All In Small Business Grants are intended to provide the ‘starter fluid’ to get these economic engines running again.”

The online grant application will be open from 8 a.m. June 15, through 11:59 p.m. June 21.

Businesses eligible for the grant money had to have: been in business before 2020 and in business in February 2020; Wisconsin-based and for-profit; 20 or fewer full-time employees including the owner; and under $1 million in annual revenue.

There are 90,000 businesses with fewer than 20 employees in Wisconsin, said a WEDC spokesman. The $2,500 grants from the multi-million dollar fund will go to 30,000 of those small businesses.

WEDC expects to have the money in hand “on or about” June 15, according to a spokesman. It is WEDC’s intent to start distributing the grants by the end of June.

A business is not eligible for grants if it is part of a national chain, unless the business is a third-party franchise. Neither is an industry that is covered by other Wisconsin CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund programs such as crop or animal production.

“National chains are omitted because WEDC is focusing on small businesses that have fallen through the gaps,” said the spokesman.

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— Former state Sen. Jennifer Shilling, who resigned May 15 to pursue career opportunities, has joined Dairyland Power Cooperative as government relations manager.

The group, which was formed in 1941 to bring light and power to homes and farms in rural communities, said the La Crosse Dem will lobby at the state and federal level.

“Jennifer’s record of service to the people of western Wisconsin is well known, including her positive, proven ability to work with lawmakers of both parties,” said Barbara Nick, the cooperative’s president and CEO. “Those capabilities will be an asset to Dairyland’s cooperative membership, as we continue to work for safe, sustainable and reliable power in our four-state service area.”

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— DHS reports the state’s COVID-19 death toll at 595 — up three since Sunday and all attributed to Racine County.

The state’s number of confirmed cases also rose — by 140 — bringing the cumulative case count to 18,543 and the positive tests as a percentage of total tests to 3.9 percent. 

An estimated 64 percent of those who tested positive have recovered from COVID-19, while 3 percent of patients have died. Thirty-three percent are still in a 30-day waiting period of symptom onset or diagnosis.

Counties reporting deaths include: Milwaukee (299), Racine (40), Brown (37), Kenosha (30), Waukesha (30), Dane (29), Rock (19), Walworth (17), Grant (12), Ozaukee (12), Outagamie (8), Washington (7), Winnebago (7), Fond du Lac (5), Clark (4) and Richland (4).

Door, Jefferson, Sauk and Sheboygan counties report three deaths each. Dodge, Forest and Marinette counties report two deaths each.

Adams, Bayfield, Buffalo, Burnett, Calumet, Columbia, Iron, Jackson, Juneau, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Marathon, Marquette, Monroe, Polk, Waupaca and Wood counties report one death each.

Long-term care facilities in the state are reporting 248 deaths due to COVID-19, making up 42 percent of total deaths in Wisconsin due to the virus. These include nursing homes and assisted living facilities, such as community-based residential facilities and residential care apartment complexes.

But 168 deaths are categorized as “unknown,” meaning they may or may not have occurred at these facilities. According to DHS, the unknown category exists because relevant information has only been collected since April 8.

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— The seven hotspots in the state are predominantly in southeastern Wisconsin except for Forest County in the far north.

Forest County had zero confirmed cases until April 1. After maintaining just one case for about a month, the month of May brought on 28 more cases and two deaths. 

A Forest County Health Department spokeswoman attributed the rise in cases to an outbreak in The Bay at Nu-Roc Community Health and Rehabilitation Center. 

She also said that the health department is encouraging its community to minimize contact with others and stay home when possible.

Milwaukee County has the most Wisconsin cases — 7,799 cases, for a ratio of 8.2 cases per 1,000 people.

Brown County has the highest ratio, with 8.9 cases per 1,000, and the second-highest case number for any Wisconsin county at 2,320. 

Racine County has the second-highest rate of infection at a few thousandths below 8.9, while Kenosha County’s rate of infection is 7.

Rock (4), Walworth (3.9) and Forest (3.2) counties follow.

The Wisconsin National Guard has ongoing testing sites in southern Wisconsin. According to a release, the Guard has community-based sites in Dane, Kenosha, Milwaukee and Washington counties; specimen collection sites at correctional facilities in Dodge, Milwaukee, Outagamie and Waushara counties; and at a long-term care facility in Rock County. 

— COVID-19 hospital patients statewide number 403 with nearly 74 percent of those patients — 297 — in southeastern Wisconsin.

According to data from the Wisconsin Hospital Association, state COVID-19 inpatients with pending COVID-19 tests number 209. And ICU patients are at 136.

Dr. John Raymond, president of the Medical College of Wisconsin said that patients are “stable.”

Of the state’s 18,543 confirmed cases, 14 percent have been hospitalized and 3 percent have received intensive care, according to DHS.

The state department also reports that 52 or fewer patients are in each of the six other public health regions of the state.

WHA data reports that statewide, Wisconsin seems to have an adequate supply of beds and ventilators. Hospitals have a total of 1,271 ventilators and 319 ventilated patients, “stable and adequate,” according to Raymond.

ICU beds immediately available in the state number 395 out of 1,463 total in Wisconsin; intermediate care beds — 180 out of 874; surgical beds — 1,378 out of 7,227; and isolation beds — beds in negative pressure rooms meant for isolating patients — 1,101 out of 2,008.

But according to data from DHS, southeastern Wisconsin only has 21 percent of its beds available.

The hospitals lacking PPE have had a slight increase of one or two since last week. The WHA data shows that 31 hospitals have a seven day or less supply of face shields, 44 have a limited supply of goggles, 32 have limited N95 masks, 37 have a limited supply of gowns and 29 hospitals have limited paper medical masks.

Raymond noted that the most critical need is gowns. 


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