Sierra Club: Statement on Alliant’s Edgewater coal plant retirement announcement

Contact: Renner Barsella,, 217-390-9394

MADISON, WI — This morning Alliant Energy announced that by the end of 2022 the utility plans to retire the last 380MW power generating unit at its Edgewater coal plant in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and transition to renewable energy. In addition to providing advance notice about retirement, Alliant pledged to provide career assistance and coaching to help prepare workers to transition into other jobs.

In response, Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign Deputy Director Elizabeth Katt Reinders released the following statement:

“Alliant made the right decision. Coal costs us. The Edgewater coal plant is losing millions of dollars each year, and Alliant’s decision to retire the plant early will deliver those savings to customers. If Alliant replaces this power with clean energy, it can save consumers even more at a time where many families are struggling with monthly bills. 

“For residents of Sheboygan County, air pollution also costs their health. The retirement of Edgewater will result in one less contributor to poor air quality and one less driver of climate change for all of us. This decision will deliver progress for climate action, progress for public health, and needed economic relief for customers. 

“We also appreciate Alliant’s commitment to providing support and career assistance for the workers at the Edgewater plant. As Wisconsin accelerates the pace of its inevitable shift off coal to clean energy, utilities must plan ahead and commit to support, training and a career transition for workers.”