SEIU Healthcare: Statements from healthcare workers in support of Gov. Evers’ mask mandate

WISCONSIN — Today, following Governor Tony Evers’ announcement that he would pass a statewide ordinance to require masks in public, healthcare workers applauded the move as a critical step to slowing down the spread of COVID-19 and saving lives. 

Healthcare workers and members of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin issued the following statements: 

“Since this pandemic began, healthcare workers have been organizing and pushing for elected leaders to do their part to stand with us on the front lines. We thank Governor Evers for hearing the call of healthcare workers and joining with us to pass common sense solutions.  This mask ordinance shows that the Governor honors the sacrifices that nurses, hospital workers, nursing home workers, and first responders have made, risking our own health and that of our families. We will continue to do all we can to protect our patients and the public during this pandemic. It helps knowing that Governor Evers is on our side to do whatever it takes.” – Ramon Argandona, Madison hospital worker and President of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin

“As a nurse who cares deeply about the safety of my patients and community, I feel so relieved to hear about Gov. Evers’ order. I feel safer going into my job knowing that we have a consistent statewide approach. Without a doubt, this will help protect our patients and keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed. We know that wearing masks in public will reduce the spread of the virus. With cases and hospitalizations increasing, this is a big step forward to protect public safety and combat COVID-19.” – Allison Sorg, registered nurse at a Madison hospital and SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin member

“This is absolutely necessary. We’ve seen how COVID-19 has devastated the Black community in Milwaukee and across the country. By requiring that everyone in our state wears a mask in public, Gov. Evers lets us know he is committed to curbing inequities laid bare by the virus and protecting public health for all Wisconsinites.” – Gertrude Murray, CNA in Milwaukee and SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin member