Security Health Plan: Takes care of members during pandemic

MARSHFIELD – “It’s good to know that Security is still taking care of me, even amongst all the chaos going on right now,” Norma McGrath said to her neighbor as she pulled a package out of her mailbox.

McGrath has a Medicare Advantage Plan from Security Health Plan and the package she retrieved was her quarterly over-the-counter (OTC) order. Most plans from Security include a quarterly $30 credit to order OTC supplies to be delivered to the member’s home – at no charge.

McGrath has lived in Marshfield for about 50 years and said she has had Security for her health care insurance for just as long, first through her employer – School District of Marshfield – then a Medicare Advantage plan after she retired.

“It is so nice to get $30 worth of free medication several times a year,” she said. “And I don’t have to go anywhere and look for it. I simply place an order and it arrives in my mail. It is just a very nice perk.”

As a long-time resident of Central Wisconsin, McGrath said while she loves her $30 OTC credit, the biggest advantage of her plan from Security is knowing she can get help from someone local when she needs it – neighbors helping neighbors.

The neighbor she spoke to when retrieving her package of OTC supplies was a Security Health Plan employee who has, she said, always been willing to answer her questions when she bumps into him on the sidewalk. When she doesn’t happen to bump into her neighbor, she said she simply calls and has consistently received helpful assistance.

“I can call and talk with someone right he