Rebate Bus: Announces new software release

Improved features help centralize information, while amplifying product rebates, and enable sales across our digital platform.

Madison, March 5, 2020 Rebate Bus has deployed a new release of its web app that focuses on helping users find rebate programs and and qualified products at a local and national level. Manufacturers, Distributors and program implementers are able to amplify their products more effectively on a digital cloud based platform available anywhere with internet access. With an industry that has thousands of utilities offering hundreds of thousands of rebates on energy efficient products it can be taxing to participate in some of the programs.

“Having the ability for end users to quickly and easily connect with Energy Efficiency programs and qualified products that are traditionally scattered across utility program websites,” said Joe Pater, CEO. “The new version of Rebate Bus centralizes everything in one platform.  This not only helps end users successfully participate in programs, but it also simplifies the rebate process and improves qualified product visibility. Which is a win win for everyone involved.”

New features include:

  • Improved Search, which enables Rebate Bus users to search millions of real-time data to identify top programs around the US and qualified products.
  • Enhanced User Experience increased speed and responsive design 
  • Improved site functionality, making it easier for users to search utilities and programs while locating content by keyword, utility or program
  • Free Search new platform allows users use the tool free 
  • Api integration with our api we can add rebates to your products on ecommerce sites and end users are able to see the rebate alongside qualified products and check out.
  • Automation-  in future release premium users can get upgraded features such as estimates, proposals and fulfillment with the click of a button

“With the goal of amplifying the reach of rebate programs and increase participation in energy efficiency programs as two of our main objectives of our software development we also further our commitment to sales enablement and user experience ,” said Baz.

The functionality of our new software continues to evolve, “says Joe Baz, Chief Technology Officer. “With this latest version of Rebate Bus, we are again improving the performance, while at the same time incorporating many new features requested by our fast-growing customer base.

The new update also features a complete redesign of the Rebate Bus site, giving centralized access to more than 100,000 rebates, 1,000 programs and  qualified products organized all in one tool. These optimizations provide greater robustness and the new API can be quickly integrated into customers sites with customization available.

For more information about Rebate BusPoint, visit Rebate