RealtyHive: Reaches more than $2 billion in real estate inventory

Green Bay Company Reaches More Than $2 Billion in Real Estate Inventory

Local Entrepreneur Creates Solution for Hard-to-Sell Properties

GREEN BAY, WISC — March 5, 2020 — RealtyHive announces it now has more than $2 billion in on-site real estate inventory. The Green Bay, Wisconsin based online platform markets and auctions for-sale residential, commercial, land, and other real estate properties from around the world.  

Founded by local real estate industry veteran and serial entrepreneur, Wade Micoley, RealtyHive works with real estate agents, financial institutions and private sellers in the U.S. and beyond to market and sell real estate using strategic digital marketing and the platform’s exclusive Time-Limited Events. 

Micoley, a top-selling Green Bay area agent for many years, saw the need to offer RealtyHive services to the broader market after he noticed a strong trend in the industry. “Most properties sell with the regular tools a real estate agent or consumer has, especially when the market is good, but when a property doesn’t sell, the only option available was to reduce the price or wait it out. We’ve created an alternative option by exposing properties to a larger audience than traditional marketing alone, “ said Micoley. 

“RealtyHive has worked extensively to become a leader in real estate marketing and this is a big milestone for us,” he continued. “The platform has grown from our first property, a $40,000 old schoolhouse in Northern Wisconsin, to having properties of all types across the globe with more than $2 billion in inventory.”

Visitors to the RealtyHive website can find properties ranging from a $42 million dollar office building in Panama to small residential lots in the Midwest and everything in between. The website attracts a global audience of buyers and sellers looking to gain more exposure and create more interest in their properties. 

“Recently I was explaining the RealtyHive Time-Limited Event program to a seller whose property had been on the market for over 2 years,” said Micoley. “I will never forget their answer when I asked what they thought of the platform. They said, ‘Now that I see how this works and how the platform attracts buyers with urgency, the old way of selling makes no sense to me.’ Their property sold in the first 35 days on RealtyHive.”