RE/MAX INTEGRA: Rolls out accessible trick-or-treating program in U.S. regions

BOSTON, Oct. 15, 2020—RE/MAX INTEGRA is pleased to announce its “Accessible Trick-or-Treating” program has now expanded to the US, having originated in Canada. With over two million youth living with accessibility issues in the US, the inclusivity campaign aims to make Halloween accessible for those located in RE/MAX INTEGRA US regions by eliminating obstacles often encountered during trick-or-treating.

The Accessible Trick-or-Treating program encourages homeowners to place an “Accessible-Trick-or-Treating” sign in their yards to show their support for children who may be unable to experience the tradition to its fullest extent. By displaying this sign, the homeowner is making a commitment to pass out candy from the garage or the bottom of the stairs – essentially eliminating all barriers. This prevents staircases, steep or long driveways, crowded front entrances, or narrow pathways from getting in the way of children during the festive holiday.

“RE/MAX continues to seek ways to give back to the communities in which we live and work — it’s what makes us who we are,” said Fiona Petrie, Executive Vice President of RE/MAX INTEGRA. “This Halloween, we are pleased to bring the Accessible Trick-or-Treating initiative to our US regions in the Midwest and Northeast to make an impact in these locations and ensure Halloween can be enjoyed by all children.”

Originally launched in Canada in 2018 as a pilot-program, the program was an immediate success. Last year, more than 20,000 Canadian homes took part in Accessible Trick-or-Treating, which allowed trick-or-treating to be more widely enjoyed by all Canadian adolescents. Signs were distributed by RE/MAX INTEGRA agents across their local communities, and now families in RE/MAX INTEGRA’s US regions can participate as well.  

Unlike past years, this Halloween will also look different due to COVID-19. Accessible Trick or Treating allows homeowners to provide a safe trick-or-treating experience for children that is both accessible and respectful of social distancing mandates.

“Even though COVID-19 has created a new barrier for all families to celebrate trick-or-treating, RE/MAX is committed to providing a welcome and safe experience for all kids this year with Accessible Trick-or-Treating” said Petrie. “If we work together, we can still help Halloween happen for everyone.”

RE/MAX INTEGRA agents can order a minimum of 10 Accessible Trick-or-Treating signs for themselves and their clients for $50 via the link here.

The program will be launched in RE/MAX INTEGRA’s US regions, including: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island. For more information about the “Accessible Trick or Treating” program, please click here