PSC: Participates in Imagine a Day Without Water

MADISON – On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) will join several businesses, community leaders and water utility companies from across the country in recognizing Imagine a Day Without Water. The purpose of the day is to highlight how access to safe, reliable, and affordable water service is something so many people take for granted. 

“While much of our state is fortunate to have access to plentiful sources of water, many public water systems are facing multiple challenges: aging infrastructure, water quality and quantity concerns, and shifting demand patterns,” said PSC Chairperson, Rebecca Cameron Valcq. “The PSC’s goal is to continue moving the state forward by ensuring water utilities have the resources they need to provide access to high quality service at a reasonable price so that no customer needs to experience a day without water.” 

Currently, the PSC oversees more than 575 drinking water utilities and several wastewater (sanitary sewer) utilities across the state. The PSC’s water rate and construction approval processes and initiatives are designed to help the state’s water customers benefit from water utility system improvements. For example, to help sustain natural and financial resources, the PSC’s Water Loss Control Initiative requires utilities to report annually on their water system efficiency.

The PSC also encourages utilities to adopt water conservation and efficiency measures as a way to reduce wasteful consumption; avoid, minimize, or delay the need to invest in expensive drinking water and wastewater capacity; save energy and chemicals used to pump, treat, and distribute water; and help customers manage their bills. The PSC acknowledges the important work the state’s utilities do to provide public water service to more than 1.4 million customers statewide. Throughout the COVID-19 public health emergency, the PSC has worked closely with utility staff to maintain reliable and safe services at a reasonable cost to customers. 

Additionally, the PSC partners with the Wisconsin Public Utility Institute at UW-Madison (WPUI) to educate and raise awareness of the importance of water affordability. On the same day we try to Imagine a Day Without Water, Chairperson Valcq and other presenters will participate in an online web conference to discuss water equity, affordability, and a path forward for addressing these issues in the state of Wisconsin. 

For more information regarding WPUI’s Water Affordability conference, visit here.