Nurse Disrupted: Partners with Marquette University in fight against COVID-19

Madison, Wis. — Pandemic response planning company Nurse Disrupted announced a partnership today with Marquette University to fight COVID-19 by allowing students enrolled in the graduate level nursing program to fulfill practicum hours through virtual screenings of homeless populations.

“Student nurses are the future of nursing and we need them on the frontlines of this pandemic,” said Bre Loughlin, a registered nurse and founder of Nurse Disrupted. “Our volunteer nurses from Marquette University play an integral role in fighting against the spread of COVID-19 among Wisconsin’s homeless populations.”

Nurse Disrupted is developing a larger network of nurses to volunteer to fight the pandemic, especially among academic nursing programs, where students need to fulfill practicum and leadership hours. The start-up company based in Madison, Wis., through their Virtual Volunteer program, provides virtual health screenings to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure those they screen are practicing proper safety measures, like wearing a mask and keeping hands clean. 

“Through this organization, I was able to utilize my education and experience to help educate shelter members and volunteers on COVID-19 prevention measures and facilitate medical attention to a population of individuals who desperately need our help,” said Megan Bonis, Marquette University nursing student, and volunteer with Virtual Volunteers. 

Volunteer nurses log in to their computers at home with a video camera. When the homeless shelter opens, each person receives a quick health screening via a video call with one of the volunteer nurses and they review proper safety measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“Our academic institutions play an integral role in fighting this pandemic, and we would encourage any nursing program that needs to provide practicum hours but may not be able to do so in a traditional way, to partner with us,” said Dr. Tracy Zvenyach, co-founder of Nurse Disrupted. “Students are the future of nursing, and we need their help on the frontlines.”

If you are faculty from a nursing program that wants to provide practicum and leadership hours visit for more information. 

Loughlin, the CEO also an MS, RN, founded Nurse Disrupted along with Tracy Zvenyach, PhD, APRN-NP and is in a growth phase as it helps respond to the pandemic and bring long-term innovation to the healthcare industry.