Nobbits USA LLC: Announces global launch of innovative shoelace technology

Madison, Wisconsin — July 7, 2020 — Nobbits USA, LLC today announced the launch of a new line of premium shoelaces available globally. Nobbits laces are innovative shoelaces that resist coming loose, pull and stay tight to provide a perfect, custom fit of any shoe, and look good in the process. The new line consists of 17 color combinations, including tone-on-tone options in black and white.

Nobbits secure fit is due to its revolutionary Rapid-Dot-Release technology (RDR). Fueled by over $2M and 20 years of research and testing, RDR is a proprietary technology that makes it possible to produce Nobbs – a system of interlocking, raised dots built into the shoelace. The unique design of the locking Nobbs prevent the shoelace from sliding and working loose.

“Our team has done an outstanding job tackling the science and manufacturing expertise necessary to develop our new and exciting premium shoelaces,” said Ron Brent, Founder, Nobbits USA, LLC. “Our RDR technology creates high performance shoelaces for any situation,” he added.

Starting today, Nobbits laces are available for purchase on Kickstarter. We are delighted to offer discounted rates and packages through August 6, 2020 in celebration of our launch.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide our premium high-quality shoelaces to our customers that include athletes of all ages and skillsets, active children, busy parents, and seniors on the go to name a few,” said Amos Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Nobbits USA, LLC. “Today’s announcement further extends Nobbits mission as a paramedical company.” The Nobbits laces hold tight and do not work loose. They keep the laces locked and secure throughout any adventure.

Nobbits USA, LLC is committed to providing safe, secure products to help achieve optimal performance. All our products are made from 100% high quality materials in our manufacturing facility in Madison, Wisconsin.