Natural Resource Development Association: Submits comments for Wisconsin DNR administrative rule changes to nonferrous metallic mineral mining

(Madison, Wis.) – The Natural Resource Development Association (NRDA) submitted comments to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board regarding proposed administrative rule changes under consideration this morning in the Wisconsin Natural Resources board meeting. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said the proposed changes to the code were designed to correct inconsistencies, modernize rules, and provide needed clarity on nonferrous metallic mineral mining.

“The Association has suggested minor revisions to the DNR because we believe the department can allow for permitting of new mines in a manner that is transparent, decreases regulatory uncertainty, and ensures protection of important environmental resources,” said Nathan Conrad, Executive Director of the Natural Resource Development Association.

Today’s meeting will provide an opportunity for public testimony on Agenda Item 4A, Adoption of Board Order EA-14-18 and the proposed changes to NR 130, 131, 132 and 182, of Administrative Code. Agenda Item 4A will review the adoption of Board Order EA-14-18, regarding proposed rules affecting Chapters NR 130 (Exploration and Bulk Sampling), NR 131 (Prospecting), NR 132 (Mining) and NR 182 (Mining Waste Management).

“It is important for the rulemaking process to provide a strong regulatory framework that provides a fair, level playing field for permitting in the future,” Conrad said. ”We believe the mining industry, environmental interests, and regulators can work together to protect the environment and support economic growth in Wisconsin.”

The Natural Resource Development Association strongly supported the Mining for America Act, which updated Wisconsin’s permitting and regulatory framework for the mining industry. The Association advocates for policies that promote responsible natural resource development that is both environmentally sound and economically beneficial for Wisconsin. If you are interested in watching today’s Wisconsin Natural Resources Board meeting, information on how to view the meeting can be found here.