NARI Milwaukee: Debuts employer group health coverage program for member companies

MILWAUKEE  Sept. 23, 2020 –  NARI Milwaukee, in partnership with member company R & R Insurance Services, and Humana Inc., is announcing that for the first time, it is offering its nearly 700 member companies access to an employer group health coverage program for their employees.  

“Approximately 76% of our members are small- and mid-sized businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Consistently over the years, we’ve heard that members would like to offer their employees affordable, benefit-rich insurance but are unable to do so because of their size,” says Diane Welhouse, CKBR, executive director of NARI Milwaukee. “As an organization, we’re excited to provide a new offering that can meet an important member and employee need.” 

The group health coverage available to NARI Milwaukee members is a Humana employer self-funded plan, called Level Funded Premium, which includes built-in claims protection for the employer. 

“We’re pleased to collaborate with NARI Milwaukee and its member companies, particularly during the pandemic, when it’s critical that employees have access to quality health care,” said Ryan Zikeli, Humana’s Commercial Market Vice President for Wisconsin. “Humana is committed to working with employers to find plan coverage solutions that help their team members improve their health and well-being, even during challenging times.” 

To be eligible for the health coverage program, a NARI Milwaukee member company must have a minimum of five employees enroll in the plan. For business owners, the plan provides transparency and the ability to control costs. The plan delivers monthly aggregate claim reports that outline actual claims paid compared to the accrued claims payment fund, and the ability to receive a refund of a portion of the claims payment fund based on the group’s positive claim experience. 

For employees, the Level Funded Premium group plan includes a number of added benefits: 

  • Go365®: A workplace wellness and rewards program that delivers proven results in helping employees live healthier lives and reducing long-term healthcare costs for employers. In addition, employees can get up to a 15% fee credit for engagement in the Go365 wellness program. 
  • Telemedicine through Doctor on Demand®: Through virtual care provider Doctor on Demand®, employees will have virtual access to board-certified physicians, psychiatrists, licensed psychologists and a care coordination team via video and telephone calls, and messaging. Clinicians are available 24/7 through the Doctor on Demand® app for $0 copay per visit.*  
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): An EAP helps employees in dealing with personal and work-related concerns that can increase stress and lessen productivity. The program supports employee well-being by providing services and resources to address depression, anxiety, family matters, chemical dependency and financial difficulties. 
  • Optional dental and vision insurance: An additional discount may be available for employers who elect to “bundle” dental and vision plan options in addition to health plan availability. 

“We’re a member-driven organization and are always looking for ways to help elevate, enhance and improve our members’ businesses,” says Welhouse. “The opportunity to give our members a health coverage option is significant.” 

Applicable for high-deductible health plans; deductible and coinsurance still apply to telemedicine to remain HSA-compliant.