MobCraft Beer: Collaborates with Working Draft to brew Teetotaler’s Temptation pre-prohibition style lager

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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – MobCraft Beer of Milwaukee and Working Draft Beer Company of Madison collaborated to brew Teetotaler’s Temptation, a 4% ABV pre-prohibition style lager fermented with historic yeast.  Brewed at the end of February, it is the first beer in a two part series of beers produced by MobCraft and Working Draft.  

The beer is brewed with all Wisconsin ingredients.  It features Wisconsin grown two row malt, flaked corn, Sterling hops, and MobCraft’s proprietary historic yeast.  MobCraft Co-Founder and Vice President Andrew Gierczak says, “The yeast used for this brew was isolated from the historic Falk Brewery lagering cellars in Milwaukee that date back to the 1870s.  The yeast came to be when Dave Olson [a local brewery historian and owner of Wisconsin Breweriana], managed to get us access to the cellars after our first two attempts to isolate brewery yeast strains failed. ”  

The same strain of yeast is used in MobCraft’s Gier Bier.  Fans of Gier Bier will find that Teetotaler’s Temptation is slightly sweeter due to the addition of flaked corn.  Teetotaler’s has earthy notes of masa that are balanced by a sturdy bitterness from the Sterling hops.  It is a crisp, clean and refreshing lager, perfect for warmer weather.

“The inspiration for the collab was an opportunity to create a pre-prohibition style lager (a very popular beer style from just before prohibition) using a yeast strain that would have actually been in use by local brewers at the time. A lot of unique local yeast strains were lost or died out during prohibition, and when prohibition was finally repealed, the breweries that survived had limited selection of commercial brewing yeasts available” Gierczak explains.

Ryan Browne, CEO and Owner of Working Draft reflected, “It felt like we were taking a step back in time. Being able to pull from Wisconsin’s rich brewing history to recreate a beer using only Wisconsin ingredients with yeast that the team at MobCraft plucked from the Falk Brewery lagering caves really made me proud to be a Wisconsinite.”

Teetotaler’s Temptation will go on tap at MobCraft on Saturday, June 6.  It is available exclusively on draught.  Teetotaler’s is  $6 for a 16oz Beer Buddy or $12 for a 64oz growler fill (growler glass is an additional $5).  The beer is also available Wednesday-Sunday by appointment pick-up or online order from Working Draught.  It is $12 for a 32oz crowler from Working Draught.  

Interested in picking up Teetotaler’s Temptation to go while the taproom is closed?  MobCraft is open for curbside pick up from 11:00am-9:00pm, Tuesday through Sunday. Check out for menus and more information on all MobCraft has to offer during this time.

MobCraft Beer was founded in 2013 by Henry Schwartz and Andrew Gierczak.  It is the world’s first crowdsourced brewery.  MobCraft’s taproom is located at 505 S. 5th Street in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. Each month the crowd submits and votes on beer ideas. At the end of the month, the winning beer is brewed and available for all to enjoy. These crowdsourced beers are served in the taproom with MobCraft flagships, beers from their Wild & Sour Program, and more.

Working Draft Beer Company is a community-focused brewery and taproom located in Madison, Wisconsin. We love how craft beer brings people together and invites us to think about what we drink. We started Working Draft Beer Company to cultivate community, to celebrate the process of brewing and art, and to work draft by draft toward beers that delight.