MobCraft Beer: Announces new line of wines, wine delivery

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – MobCraft Beer is delving into the world of wine.  The Walker’s Point brewery announced the launch of wine delivery of both products made by local partners and their own house-made wine products.  In 2018 MobCraft Beer acquired a winery license to pursue new product developments, and is now releasing two wines under their subsidiary company, Agave Wine Company.

Like many breweries, MobCraft pivoted their business model when taprooms were forced to close as a result of safety concerns surrounding COVID-19.  After the taproom closed for dine in, MobCraft began offering deliveries of pizza, which are offered through a partnership with Hidden Kitchen MKE.  The brewery is currently delivering boxes of the red and white wine served in the taproom for $25 per box and growlers of Gentry’s Rosé Hard Cider (brewed by Madison based One Barrel Brewing Company) for $15.  Moving into the weekend, MobCraft will begin delivery of their two house-made wines: Wine to Drink at Home, a red wine fermented with brettanomyces, and One Sweet Succulent, an agave wine with subtle hints of vanilla and lime.

MobCraft has become known for embracing the non-traditional in their beers and public events, including hosting an annual summer street festival called Weird Fest.  When it comes to wine, MobCraft took the same innovative approach.  

Wine to Drink at Home is a 9.6% ABV brett fermented red made with Wisconsin grown Frontenac grapes.  Frontenac grapes were developed at the University of Minnesota to be hearty enough to grow in cold climates, such as the midwest.  Often tarter wine comes from grapes grown in cooler climates, and upon hitting the palette, Wine to Drink at Home is tart and bright.  It looks and smells like a light red wine, similar to a Pinot Noir or Gamay. The wine was aged in stainless steel. Wine drinkers who gravitate towards the tarter reds from Germany and Austria are likely to enjoy Wine to Drink at Home.  For those who have an adverse reaction to sulfites, Wine to Drink at Home has no sulfites added. It will be sold in 750ml bottles for $15.

One Sweet Succulent is an 8.3% ABV agave wine with the look and body of a full, buttery Chardonnay, with a flavor profile closer to a Moscato.  Mead drinkers may gravitate to it as it has a full mouth feel and the viscosity is similar to mead. The agave lends sweetness with hints of vanilla, and the addition of  lime juice provides mild tropical undertones. It will be sold in 500ml bottles for $10.

To learn more about MobCraft’s wines, tune into the  Adam & Tim Show on Friday at 4:30pm on Zoom (meeting ID 460 498 026).

In the future, MobCraft plans to expand their offerings for delivery of wine products to include other local wines, meads, and ciders.