Milwaukee Women Inc: In the midst of a pandemic, percentage of Wisconsin women directors continues to increase

Milwaukee Women inc (MWi) released its annual report on the state of women directors on Wisconsin’s public company boards, this year titled “Moving the Needle” (a PDF of the report is available here). This year’s report found that Wisconsin continues to see growth in the percentage of women directors on public company boards with the percentage reaching an all-time high at 21.1%.

In the report, MWi noted:

  1. A decrease in the number of WI 50 companies with three or more female directors – 26% in 2020 compared to 30% in 2019. MWi found that this decrease was largely due to the retirement of several women board members in the past year.
  2. An increase in the percentage of companies with four or more women board members – 8% in 2020 compared to 6.7% in 2019.