Milwaukee Health Dept.: Business update

MILWAUKEE – Masks are required per the MKE Cares mask ordinance, which went into effect on July 16, 2020 for the city of Milwaukee and the rest of the State on August 1, 2020. Please report business violations of the mask laws and order 4.1. by calling 414-286-3674 or emailing [email protected]. Complaints will remain anonymous. 

Also, under our phase 4.1 order, restaurants and bars will be required to submit a safety plan and Risk Assessment Tool by 11:59 p.m. CT on September 15, 2020, to continue in person dining without capacity limits (indoors and outdoors). Documents should be sent to [email protected] with the subject line “COVID SAFETY PLAN: [insert name and address].” All plans will be reviewed in the order that they have been received, and approval may take several days. Once a business has been approved, the operator will receive a certificate or seal from the Milwaukee Health Department indicating that they may operate safely.

We will provide weekly business updates on Fridays to keep the community apprised of the status of businesses that have submitted/approved plans. As of today, we have received a total of 300 plans. The following plans have been approved and the remainder are under review.

EstablishmentAddressDate ReceivedDate ApprovedPlacard #
Hawthorne Coffee/FoxFire4177 S Howell Ave6/29/20207/2/20201
Zilli Lake and Gardens – Coast and Miller Room931 E Wisconsin Ave6/30/20207/10/20202
Café Hollander2608 N Downer Ave7/27/20207/30/20203
Café Benelux346 N Broadway7/27/20207/30/20204
Café Centraal2306 S KK7/27/20207/30/20205
Jacks American Pub1323 E Brady St.7/16/20207/29/20206
Camp Bar525 E Menomonee St7/28/20207/30/20207
Carnevor718 N Milwaukee St7/24/20208/3/20208
Camp Site 131131 N Jackson St7/29/20208/4/20209
Milwaukee Brat House1013 N Old World Third St7/23/20208/4/202010
Deer Camp1023 N old world third7/29/20208/4/202011
Harbor House500 N Harbor Way7/16/20208/4/202012
Milwaukee Steak house6024 W Bluemound6/25/2020 new plan submitted 7/147/31/202013
Jo Cats1307 E Brady8/5/20208/7/202014
Echo Creek Catering (DNC caterer)7449 Sylvia Ave. Reseda, CA7/30/2020 15
Classy Girl Cupcakes7/30/20208/11/202016
Grain Exchange225 E Michigan Ave8/6/20208/10/202017
Italian Community Center631 E Chicago St8/6/20208/10/202018
Lake Park Bistro3133 E Newberrt Ave8/6/20208/10/202019
Bacchus925 E Wells8/6/20208/12/202020
Discovery World500 N Harbor Dr8/6/20208/10/202021
Dorsia1307 E Brady8/12/202022
Brunch MKE 8/3/20208/12/202023
Tracks1020 E Locust St.8/3/20208/12/202024
Famous Smoke Shop1213 E Brady St.8/3/20208/13/202025
Calderone Club8/3/20208/13/202026
San Giorgio Pizza 8/3/208/13/202027
Restaurant to be named laterOne Brewers way6/24/20208/12/202028
Pete’s Pub1234 E Brady St8/12/20208/13/202029
Maharaja1550 N Farwell8/13/20208/14/202030
Taco Mike’s1001 N Old World Third8/12/20208/17/202031
Colour Palate789 N Water St8/13/20208/17/202032
Water Street Brewery 7-Aug8/18/202033
Vagabond 8/4/20208/18/202035
The Harp8/4/20208/18/202036
The Outsider310 E Chicago St8/5/20208/18/202037
Tre Rivali310 E Chicago St8/5/20208/18/202038
Axe 7/29/20208/19/202039
North South7/29/20208/19/202040
Nine Below 7/29/20208/19/202041
Glass & Griddle1130 N 9th St8/4/20208/19/202042
Pizza Man2597 N Downer Ave.8/4/20208/19/202043
Capital Grill7/31/20208/19/202044
Brewski’s304 N 76th St.8/3/20208/19/202045
St Paul Fish8/10/20208/20/202046
trailer park tavern 7/30/20208/20/202047
Finks1875 N Humboldt Ave8/14/20208/20/202048
Belair2625 N Downer Ave8/14/20208/20/202049
Belair1935 N Water St8/14/20208/20/202050
The Garage1709 N Arlington Pl8/14/20208/20/202051
UWM Food Service2200 E Kenwood8/12/20208/20/202052
City Lights Brewing2200 W Mt Vernon6/24/2020 sent new one 7/298/20/202053
Enlightened Brewing2020 S Allis St8/12/20208/20/202054
Club Brady1339 E Brady St8/4/20208/21/202055
Bull Shooter Saloon604 S 64th St8/17/20208/21/202056
South Shore Yacht Club 8/17/20208/21/202057
Rochambo1317 E Brady St.8/21/20208/21/202058
No 1 Chinese 8/17/20208/24/202059
Hamburger Mary’s730 S 5th St8/5/20208/25/202060
Gators Pub601 E Bolivar Ave8/19/20208/25/202061
KompaliE. Brady St.7/15/20208/25/202062
Engine Co #3217 W National Ave.8/17/20208/25/202063
La Merenda125 E National Ave.8/17/20208/25/202064
McCarty Park Sports Pub and Grill6828 W Oklahoma Ave10-Aug8/25/202065
Balzac1716 N Arlington Pl8/14/20208/25/202066
Liquid Johnny540 S 76th8/20/20208/25/202067
AJ Bombers1247 N Water Street8/19/20208/25/202068
Blue Bat Kitchen249 N Water Street8/19/20208/25/202069
Onesto221 N Broadway St8/19/20208/25/202070
Smoke Shack332 N Milwaukee St8/19/20208/25/202071
Tu Casa3710 W Lincoln8/22/20208/25/202072
Elwoods 8/6/20208/26/202073
Rogues Gallery8/6/20208/26/202074
Good Land Wing Co 8/19/20208/26/202075
Mitchell’s Tavern10433 W Appleton8/12/20208/26/202076
wards house of prime540 E Mason street8/19/20208/26/202077
Pourmans tavern1127 N water St8/17/20208/26/202078
Taylors795 N Jefferson8/17/20208/27/202079
Best Place901 W Juneau8/20/20218/28/202080
downer theater 8/26/20208/28/202081
Buckleys801 N Cass8/21/20208/28/202082
Jimmy John’s1425 N. Jefferson8/27/20208/31/202083
O’Lydia’s Bar and Grill338 S 1st St8/24/20208/31/202084
Camino Bar434 S 2nd St8/26/20209/1/202085
Toast231 S 2nd St8/11/20209/1/202086
Just Arts Saloon181 S 2nd St8/21/20209/1/202087
Carini’s La Conca de Oro3468 N Oakland7/29/20209/1/202088
Miss Katies Diner 8/17/20209/1/202089
Odd Duck8/17/20209/1/202090
Truth Lounge 8/18/20209/1/202091
Drink Wisconsinably8/29/20209/1/202092
Hacienda Beer Co 8/28/20209/1/202093
cavas 8/24/20209/2/202095
Black Husky Brewing909 E Locust St8/11/20209/2/202096
Black Sheep216 S 2nd St9/2/20209/2/202097
DeMarini’s1211 E Conway8/13/20209/2/202098
Good City Brewing333 W Juneau8/20/20209/2/202099
Crafty Cow8/20/20209/2/2020100
Jimmy John’s3129 N. Oakland8/27/20209/3/2020101
Jimmy John’s1344 E. Brady8/27/20209/3/2020102
Jimmy John’s767 N. Water8/27/20209/3/2020103
Jimmy John’s1312 S. 1st St.8/27/20209/3/2020104
Jimmy John’s1532 W. Wells8/27/20209/3/2020105
Broken Bat Brewing9/1/20209/3/2020106
Sazama929 N Water St8/18/20209/3/2020107
Jan Serr Studio2155 N Prospect8/18/20209/3/2020108
Saz South Second838 S Second8/18/20209/3/2020109
Saz’s State House5539 W State St8/18/20209/3/2020110
Lakefront Brewery1872 N Commerce St8/24/20209/3/2020111
White Tail8/31/20209/3/2020112
Oak Barrel 8/14/20209/3/2020113
Who’s on THird8/14/20209/3/2020114
Third Street Tavern 8/14/20209/3/2020115
Nomad1401 E Brady8/31/20209/3/2020116
The Knick1030 E Juneau9/1/20209/3/2020117
MIAD8/27/2020Approved 9/3/20118
DIX 8/27/2020Approved 9/3/20119
Pizza Shuttle1827 N Farwell8/30/20209/3/2020120
Monica’s 8/31/2020Approved 9/4/20121
the mothership8/19/20209/4/2020122
kelly’s bleachers 8/24/20209/4/2020123
 Good City Brewing East Side Taproom2108 N Farwell Ave8/20/20209/8/2020124
Apartment 720702 N Milwaukee8/21/20209/8/2020125
Nicky K’s8/31/20209/8/2020126
the backyard 8/26/20209/8/2020127
Ma fischers8/26/20209/9/2020128
Buffalo Wild Wings27th St8/24/20209/9/2020129
Buffalo Wild Wingswater St8/24/20209/9/2020130
Hilton Milwaukee 8/27/20209/9/2020131
Sportclub Nomad750 N Jefferson9/2/20209/9/2020132
Pfister Cafe & Lobby Lounge425 E Wisconsin Ave8/31/20209/9/2020133
Anticipation6218 S 27th St.8/26/2020Approved 9/9/20134
Hooligans2017 E North Ave6/24/20209/9/2020135
WCD/Levy400 W. Wisconsin Ave.7/30/20209/10/2020136
Woody’s Bar1579 S 2nd St9/2/20209/10/2020137
Malones on Brady1329 E Brady St8/21/20209/10/2020138
Pfister- Blu Lounge425 E Wisconsin9/9/20209/10/2020139
La Masa1300 E Brady St9/2/20209/10/2020140

Please note we will provide monthly updates about businesses that have received citations and/or warnings for violation of the orders. The first release will be next week on Friday, September 18th.

We would invite the community to visit: for the most current information.