Milwaukee Board of Supervisors: Heeds Taylor’s call to allow youth and families to access $1 million in programming

Milwaukee – The Board of Supervisors adopted a budget amendment from Supervisor Sequanna Taylor Monday that calls for $1 million programming, previously earmarked exclusively for youth justice system-involved youth, to be available to youth who are transitioning out of Lincoln Hills and Cooper Lake, as well as their family members.

“It is important that youth who are transitioning out of Lincoln Hills and Cooper Lake schools, as well as their family members, are able to access resources set aside for those youth who are in the justice system,” said Supervisor Taylor. “We are often reactive, but it is time for us to be proactive with programs and services that are offered to our youth and their families.”

County Executive David Crowley’s budget directed $1 million in savings resulting from the ongoing transition of youth from Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake towards programs aimed at competency building, youth engagement, or community capacity building. 

For example, a Credible Messenger program that will offer violence interruption and mediation, emotional first aid, and advocacy for youth justice system-involved youth. Additionally, Achievement Centers would provide educational and vocational services, job placement, apprenticeships, and job certification programming for youth and their family members.

Taylor’s amendment makes this programming available to youth who are transitioning out of the system and their families – not just those youth who are involved in the justice system.

Taylor’s amendment creates no additional cost to taxpayers or the County.