Marshfield Clinic Health System: Statement on COVID-19 in Wisconsin

We understand wearing a mask can be an inconvenience, and minimizing social activities and personal interactions, and resorting to virtual school and remote working are actions no one wants to take. As COVID-19 cases and positivity rates have increased in recent weeks, we must be diligent and continue these necessary steps to help limit the spread of coronavirus in Wisconsin.

We’ve already seen schools with in-person instruction begin to struggle with students and staff testing positive. Response times by contact tracers are slowing as the increasing number of cases overwhelm them. Health care organizations are strained as more COVID-positive patients are seen and health care workers are forced to quarantine due to COVID exposures in the community.

The upcoming flu season combined with COVID-19 will further complicate matters for our health care workers, workplaces and schools. Flu vaccinations are now becoming available. Please get the flu vaccination to protect you, your family and the people you interact with, whether purposefully or inadvertently

It takes selfless community cooperation as scientists work toward a COVID-19 vaccination and we learn to live in a COVID-19 world. “Pandemic fatigue” is real and we’re all suffering. We appreciate everyone working together to stay healthy. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently and stay home if you’re feeling sick or have tested positive for COVID-19.