Mangold Creative: Announces rebrand, changes name to Ampersand

PEWAUKEE, WI (September 9, 2020) – Mangold Creative, a Southeast Wisconsin-based strategic marketing, advertising, and growth agency, today announced its official rebrand. To celebrate 10 years in business and to embrace the growth and evolution of the agency, Mangold Creative has changed its name to Ampersand. Accompanying the new name is a new logo and website,

“Over the past decade, our team, our capabilities, and our mission have evolved immensely, leading us into an exciting new era,” said Heather Noel, Owner & CEO. “While the roots of Mangold Creative can still be seen throughout our agency, the stylized evolution to Ampersand was born out of the partnership and collaboration we’ve built between our talented team and loyal clients. This growth and evolution reflect our position as a leader in the industry.”

The significance behind the name Ampersand stems from the common use of the ampersand symbol, which often indicates a perfect pairing, a unified team, and a relentless collaboration. Think P&L, R&D, or PB&J. Ampersand’s driving principle, and obsessive pursuit, is to continue helping clients Fuel & Simplify Business Growth.

While the name and tagline may have changed, Ampersand’s commitment remains the same. An amazing team that leverages creative strategies, dynamic talents, and strong execution to deliver on client’s marketing, advertising, and growth objectives.

“As we reflect back and look forward to the next era as Ampersand, the thing we’re most proud of is the opportunity we’ve had to build immersive business relationships. Pairing our incredible team with our invaluable vendors, Ampersand and our clients are primed for what’s next,” said Noel.

To learn more about the new name, brand, and mission, visit