LÜM Cares: Launches artist support COVID-19

Madison-based music streaming company, that features 45,000+ emerging artists announced, March 30th,  LÜM Cares, an initiative meant to help financially support artists during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Thousands of musicians in the United States have felt the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Every day artists have lost jobs, gigs, and incremental income they rely on to support themselves. LÜM is working very closely with the artists on the platform to find ways to combat the financial loss caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This initiative will allow artists to receive direct financial support from their fans and increase the financial impact that each fan can make. 

LÜM’s direct-to-artist virtual gifting system (Learn more about virtual gifting), which launched in January 2020, gives fans the ability to provide direct financial support to the artists they discover and connect with on LÜM. LÜM is giving each user, fans and artists, their first 200 Notes (each Note is equivalent to the financial value of a stream) for free. Fans and artists alike can support artists with these 200 Notes for free by simply downloading the app on their iOS device. In addition, LÜM is matching 20% of all Notes purchased. After the purchase, LÜM will be depositing these additional Notes directly into the purchaser’s LÜM wallet.  With the additional Notes, fans can increase the impact of their support for their favorite artists or use the extra Notes to support new artists they discover.

LÜM will be forgoing profits to fund the LÜM Cares initiative.