Leede Research: Brings COVID-19 home

In May, Leede conducted a national consumer study of over 1200 respondents for two national healthcare advocacy groups. The survey was designed to better understand the public experience and attitudes related to the pandemic and the use of healthcare programs and services. It also sought to better understand when the public would be comfortable in returning to activities that would have been considered normal just a few months earlier. This information is already being used by their client to help address healthcare issues and needs.

Leede CEO, Dean Halverson was so impressed with the information gathered in this process that he decided to do a shortened version of the study in their home county of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. In just over a week, over 700 people completed the online survey and shared their thoughts about the current situation and what the “new normal” might look like moving forward. Leede is now sharing the results of that work with community leaders and the public to help advance activities and opportunities in the community.

“We were surprised at how much the local work mirrored our national findings,” said Halverson. The results show the desire for a balance between public health and the economy. It also shows a reluctance to use healthcare services now and in the immediate future due to Covid-19 concerns. There is a high desire to be tested, at 66%. This could impact early diagnosis and treatment of conditions in the future. Results also show that some activities will take significant time, if ever, to return to a normal state. Air travel, concerts and professional sporting events all show issues that will impact their futures for some time.

Full study information is available a www.lifesallhere.com and a copy of the Executive Summary of the study is attached in this message. Leede is available to provide additional information and content upon request.

Leede Research is a marketing research firm based in Manitowoc, with offices in Minneapolis. The company has a 35+ year history of conducting healthcare market research work to both consumer and business contacts. They work with healthcare clients across the country, providing marketing and management information and assisting in product development efforts. Recently, the firm turned its experience and resources to the Corona-virus pandemic.