Kenosha businesswoman Kimberly Warner: Launches initiative, new podcast

[Kenosha, WI] – Today, Kenosha businesswoman and entrepreneur Kimberly Warner launched a new program aimed at helping women push past barriers and fears to succeed in the workplace and in life. The initiative and new community – named Fearlessly Authentique – includes a podcast that will feature Kimberly and guests working through the struggles facing women in their lives.

Kimberly is owner of Authentique Gifts, which is located in the heart of downtown Kenosha. After 10 years as a stay-at-home mom, Kimberly started a career in sales for an international health company, rising to become their top performer in the United States and overseeing a large team. Along the way, she has been inspiring and training others and helping foster the next generation of female leaders.

When violent rioters recently took to the streets of Kenosha and burned businesses across the city, they also tried to destroy Kimberly’s store. And while the windows held strong, that was only the beginning of her nightmare. After viewing the destruction of the city she loves, Kimberly made the decision to speak out against the violence instigated by out-of-state rioters – and against the lawlessness condoned by Joe Biden. The simple act of speaking her mind resulted in a barrage of attacks against Kimberly, her family and friends, and her businesses. The hate-filled messages were sent online, to her store, and even to her home.

Now, Kimberly is sharing her experiences – in life, with her family, and in business – and using it to inspire women to push past the fears and roadblocks in their own lives. Along the way, she’ll be joined by leading women who will also share their experiences with the goal of inspiring and breaking barriers.

Kimberly Warner released the following statement on the launch of Fearlessly Authentique:

“As a mom to two wonderful children, a creative designer, and a serial entrepreneur, my life can be hectic. And while things aren’t always easy, I’ve learned how to overcome the barriers facing women and to channel those energies to live life on my terms. Now, I want to help others do the same.

“ is a place for real women, from real places, to talk about real fear – and how to push past it to accomplish great things. We’ll exchange ideas, talk with outstanding female leaders, and share inspiring content to empower women, wherever they may be in life.”