Jewelers Mutual Group: Launches transformational Zing platform for jewelry industry

NEENAH, Wis. (August 11, 2020) –  Jewelers Mutual Group a provider of unique products and services to jewelers and consumers, launched the ZingTM platform, created to drive the $76.7 billion jewelry industry into the future (BEA). The Zing platform empowers jewelers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and others to conduct business digitally. It simplifies processes and offers free access to everyone, leveling the playing field for jewelry businesses of all sizes.


“The launch of the Zing platform is a testament to the continued investment Jewelers Mutual makes in technology and innovation for jewelers, and, more importantly, our commitment to raising the tide of the jewelry industry,” said Scott Murphy, Jewelers Mutual president and CEO.

“Given the challenging times our industry has faced recently, there’s never been a better time for us to bring a meaningful solution to the marketplace. The Zing platform empowers jewelers to make faster, smarter business decisions, helps them create a seamless customer experience, and provides product selection not historically available to everyone.”

Featured Zing platform products and services include:

  • The Diamond Marketplace powered by the International Diamond Exchange’s (IDEX): With IDEX’s Guaranteed Diamond Transactions™ service, suppliers can share their inventory (including specifications, grading, and pricing information), so all jewelers have transparent access to inventory and pricing information around the globe
  • A Jewelry Appraisal Solution: leverages the expertise of Gemworld so jewelers can generate a professional appraisal from any device in minutes
  • JM Shipping Solution™ tool: provides fast, secure and money-saving shipping options designed specifically for the jewelry industry
  • JM Care Plan™ products: revenue-generating plans go beyond a typical manufacturer’s warranty to keep customers’ jewelry and watches in like-new condition
  • Personal Jewelry Insurance Claims tool: enables jewelers to expedite filing and managing Jewelers Mutual insurance claims, allowing customers to replace their treasured pieces faster

To develop this digital platform, teams of usability experts and developers worked directly with jewelers to learn about their needs, and then conceptualized, designed, and thoroughly tested the platform. Jewelers Mutual collaborated with industry leaders such as IDEX and Gemworld, and established a Dallas technology hub.

“We’re continually innovating and further enhancing the platform. The continuous driver behind the development of the Zing platform is Jewelers Mutual’s desire to advance the jewelry industry,” said Adam Gerety, Jewelers Mutual vice president of platform operations.  

Jewelers Mutual will continue to expand the tools and capabilities of the Zing platform, allowing jewelers access to leading jewelry and technology providers to help drive the growth of their businesses.

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