Generac: Sponsors DWS for the fourth year in a row

Whitewater, Wis. — March 19, 2020 — Generac Power Systems has announced their title sponsorship for the Greater

Whitewater Committee’s 2020 Discover Whitewater Series (DWS): Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay & 5K.

This year the DWS is scheduled for Sept. 20, 2020 and Generac’s sponsorship will aid in the success of the eighth annual DWS.

Generac was created in 1959 and is internationally known for their home and personalized generators. Generac has five facilities that are all located in Wisconsin, and one of them is in Whitewater’s Business Park.
The DWS highlights many of Whitewater’s amazing features, giving runners a chance to observe all the things that make

the city one of a kind. The course runs close to Generac’s plant, offering race participants the chance to see the large-
scale manufacturing facility.

DWS was created to help further develop Whitewater by donating all race proceeds to five local charity partners:
Working for Whitewater’s Wellness, Bethel House, the J-Hawk Aquatic Club, Whitewater LEADS and the Whitewater
Unified School District.
Every year, Generac’s Title Sponsorship assists DWS’s total donation to these five charity partners. In the last seven years,
$183,500 has been distributed.
“We’re pleased to be a part of the Whitewater community as a business and getting involved in the Discover
Whitewater Series as a sponsor allows us to show our pride here in Wisconsin,” says Jeff Runnoe, Director of Operations,
Generac. “We’re happy to support a town and the people that have been so important to our business.”
Generac encourages their employees to have a healthy lifestyle and to participate in the DWS. Because of this, DWS
works with Generac throughout the year to try and raise the number of employee participation.
In 2019, even with the stormy weather, DWS had 634 runners and 380 volunteers. With Generac’s help, DWS plans to
raise the number of participants for the 2020 race.
“The DWS team is always extremely appreciative of Generac’s Title Sponsorship,” DWS Executive Director Jeffery Knight
said. “Their continued support has allowed us to develop the race and increase the donations to our charity partners.”