Doggie Paddle: Grand opening in Fox Valley

Announcing the Grand Opening of a new fun, exciting, and beneficial way to spend time with “Man’s Best Friend” opening in the Fox Valley.  The Doggie Paddle by Curve Crest Kennels will be having its Ribbon Cutting on January 7 at 1:30 pm and Grand Opening Event Saturday January 9th from 10 am until 4 pm.  The public is invited to join us for both events. The Doggie Paddle will have swim and jump demonstrations for owners – but please leave your dogs at home for these events.  We will be happy to schedule Paddle times for your “Best Friends”.  

The Doggie Paddle is an indoor heated pool for dogs located on the south side of Oshkosh and owned by Matt Mokler.  The Doggie Paddle offers “Paddle” times for dogs that love to swim, love to fetch toys in the water, or need swimming lessons.  Swimming for dogs is a great way to burn excess energy in a low impact exercise.  This is also very helpful with dogs that need to lose some extra weight, have joint problems, and great for senior dogs to keep their mobility up.  Our staff can also get in the pool with the dogs during a “Paddle with a Partner” if they need help or additional training.  The pool facility is located in the Barr complex at 1335 Planeview Dr.  Suite 19.   

The Doggie Paddle is brought to you by Curve Crest Kennels which is a dog boarding facility also on the south side of Oshkosh, owned by the Mokler Family.  Moklers purchased the Boarding Kennel in 2018.  Matt Mokler used an indoor pool for rehab purposes after one of his Labrador Retrievers, Gunner, tore his CCL (ACL in humans).  At that time, the thought of merging the boarding kennel with a pool facility was born.  The two business are on different properties so for now boarding dogs are not able to swim while the owners are away.  Long term plans include a new building and moving the pool onto the Curve Crest site.  Curve Crest Kennels is located at 414 Hwy 26, just five miles south of Oshkosh. 

Matt is passionate about training his personal dogs for waterfowl retrieving and has one Master Hunter in AKC Hunt Tests.  Matt is also an AKC Judge.  Matt and his partner, Lisa, share this passion and love of dogs and bring a caring, compassionate focus to the kennel, the pool, and training. 

The Doggie Paddle is also a Sanctioned Facility with Dock Dogs ®.  “DockDogs® is an organization about having fun and celebrates every improvement with our competitors, staff, sponsors, and spectators.  Even an inch improvement over a team’s previous jump is something to be happy about. We continue to work hard to keep the sport as simple and fun as possible, and to create a culture of camaraderie amongst the Novice through the experienced competitors.  We want teams to participate at whatever level they and their dogs can compete, so we created divisions for each of the different disciplines, which in turn allows teams to be ranked and awarded fairly against other competing teams, based on their current performance abilities.” (quote from  The “Wisconsin Dockdogs” club will be hosting events and training days at The Doggie Paddle beginning in January 2021. 

More information about The Doggie Paddle can be found at:  

[email protected] 

(920) 589-2430