Didion: Begins production of USP grade alcohol

Sun Prairie, WI – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Didion modified their ethanol production facility to meet a growing demand for high-quality industrial alcohol.

Made from locally-grown Wisconsin corn, Didion will have the capacity to produce 50-million gallons of USP grade alcohol per year and will be available this fall. Didion currently produces both a high-quality alcohol and a finished hand sanitizer that are compliant with the Food & Drug Administration’s temporary pandemic policies.

“We have developed a strong and loyal customer base for nearly 50 years by being a quality supplier of food-grade products from our corn mill and fuel-grade ethanol,” said Riley Didion, President of Didion Milling. “Now, we have expanded into the industrial alcohol market and are able to provide various high-quality industrial alcohols. We are excited to introduce our USP grade alcohol this fall.”

The decision to pivot to alcohol comes as many ethanol plants shut down due to the drop in the demand for gasoline during COVID-19 quarantines. The diversification not only allows for future growth in a new industry for Didion, it also continues to provide good-paying jobs and careers for the community as well as critical revenue for local corn producers.

“We are very proud of the fact that partnerships with our producers inject $100 million into Wisconsin’s ag economy,” said Didion. “On top of that, we are the largest employer in the Cambria community and are honored to provide not only a great culture, but also impactful work.”