DBA, Edge Dairy Farm Cooperative: Dairy Stream podcast explores roadmap to success for watershed conservation groups

The newest episode of the Dairy Stream podcast features a new resource for farmers looking to expand conservation practices and document their progress in water quality and soil health.

Dairy Stream host Mike Austin talked with three key players in the effort who created the Producer-led Group Roadmap: Finding Success in Farmer-Led Watershed Organizations:

  • Rachel Rushmann, Producer-led Program manager at Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
  • Steve Richter, director of agriculture strategies at The Nature Conservancy in Wisconsin
  • Lauren Brey, director of strategic partnerships and sustainability for the Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance

GLC Minerals sponsored this episode.

Listen here.

Podcast breakdown:

  • 1:18 – Requirements and qualifications for a farmer-led watershed conservation group
    (Rachel Rushmann answer)
  • 2:05: Growth of watershed groups in Wisconsin (Rushmann)
  • 2:32: Conservation practices and The Nature Conservancy’s involvement (Steve Richter)
  • 6:10: Support from the Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance (Lauren Brey)
  • 8:09: How the groups connect with other farmers and industry professionals (Brey)
  • 10:06: Funding sources (Rushmann)
  • 12:41: Success stories and state government support (Rushmann)
  • 15:19: Tracking activity and outcomes (Richter)
  • 20:45:  Staying organized (Brey)
  • 23:50: Priorities and learning opportunities (Richter)
  • 25:35: Annual reports (Rushmann)
  • 27: 39: Advice for farmers looking to start a watershed conservation group (all)