Dane County: Awards 2020 Environmental Council Grants

Dane County approved $18,513 in grant awards through the Dane County Environmental Council’s Community Partners and Capital Equipment programs, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today.

“Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Dane County Environmental Council Grants,” said County Executive Parisi. “Through these partnerships, we are able to continue improving and conserving the county’s outdoor spaces, while also creating opportunities to educate and inspire the next generation to care for our natural resources.”

The grants will fund 19 environmental conservation, restoration, and education projects across the county. Dane County Environmental Council grants award funding to a diverse group of community organizations, school districts, and municipalities.

Examples of this year’s projects include prairie and savanna restoration, environmental education, trail improvements, equipment purchases to manage invasive species, and monitor water quality.  All of the projects must take place in Dane County and provide a benefit to Dane County natural resources and residents.  A full listing of grant recipients can be found below.   

Funding for Environmental Council grants is provided through Dane County’s Land and Water Legacy Initiative as well as generous donations from local businesses, including the American Transmission Company and Madison Gas & Electric Foundations. Grant recipients also provide matching funds in order to complete their projects. 

The Dane County Environmental Council is a six-member panel appointed by County Executive Parisi and confirmed by the County Board.  The Council assists groups in recognizing and protecting natural areas in Dane County and assumes an educational role in the awareness, conservation and protection of the environment. 

For more information on the Dane County Environmental Council, visit: http://www.countyofdane.com/commissions/environmentalcouncil

Community Partner Grant Program 2020

Aldo Leopold Nature Center                                                                   $665.00           

Funds will be used to purchase communication equipment to help coordinate land stewardship activities with volunteers.

Friends of Festge Park                                                                              $668.00

Funds will be used to purchase a portable electric 45-gallon tank sprayer to use with their All-Terrain Vehicle to deliver herbicides to help control invasive species.

Friends of Hoyt Park                                                                                 $1,000.00

Funds will be used to purchase professional services to conduct a prescribed burn in the park’s prairies.

Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy                                          $1,000.00

Funds will be used to purchase prairie and savanna pollinator seed mixes to provide more diversity and habitat quality and function.

Ice Age Trail Alliance                                                                                $1,000.00

Funds will be used to purchase professional services to cut and treat an area of land choked with invasive buckthorn and honeysuckle.

Madison Area Master Gardeners Association                                      $756.00

Funds will be used to purchase prairie plants including grasses and forbs for restoring a natural prairie at the Dane County Lussier Family Heritage Center.

Olbrich Botanical Society                                                                        $1,000.00

Funds will be used to buy supplies that support the work of the Rose Garden Scout volunteers who scout for insect pests, release beneficial insects and provide education.

The Prairie Enthusiasts                                                                            $1,000.00

Funds will be used to help purchase a field and brush mower.

Severson Learning Center, Cambridge School District                   $510.00

Funds will be used to purchase native plants to add a native prairie to their outdoor learning center.

Woodland Montessouri School                                                     $251.00

Funds will be used to purchase materials to build a “Little Library” dedicated to pollinator education with materials in Hmong, English, Spanish, and Braille including visuals.  This will support the pollinator educational garden in front of their school that is accessible to the local community and the school. 

Upper Sugar River Watershed Association                                                 $663.00

Funds will be used buy supplies to help remove invasive species from hip boots at boot wash stations and additional tools and safety equipment for their brush cutter.

Total amount awarded for the 2020 Community Partners grants:  $8,513.00

2020 Capital Equipment Grant Program

Aldo Leopold Nature Center                                                                   $511.00

Funds will be used to purchase portable radios to ensure good communication and coordination for field restoration projects.

Anderson Park Friends, Inc.                                                                    $1,100.00

Funds will be used to purchase a Landpride brush cutter and pallet forks to control weeds and expand access to the park’s natural areas.

Clean Lakes Alliance                                                                                 $2,489.00

Funds will be used to purchase turbidity tubes and thermometers to allow for more Yahara Lakes water quality monitoring by volunteers.

Ice Age Trail Alliance                                                                                $2,500.00

Funds will be used to help purchase a DR field and brush mower to help control brushy invasive species like buckthorn, honeysuckle, and thistles that are encroaching on the trails.

Olbrich Botanical Society                                                                        $960.00

Funds will be used to purchase sustainable and quiet landscape maintenance equipment including a battery-powered Stihl chainsaw, a battery-powered Stihl blower and rechargeable batteries for this equipment.

The Prairie Enthusiasts                                                                            $650.00

Funds will be used to purchase a DR field and brush mower to help maintain brushy invasive weed species on the twelve preserves they are maintaining in Dane County.

Town of Verona                                                                                        $1,130.00

Funds will be used to purchase a Stihl brush cutter, Indian pump backpack sprayers, and drip torches to help maintain their developing town prairie by their new Town Hall.

Upper Sugar River Watershed Association                                                 $660.00

Funds will be used to purchase a Stihl brush cutter to remove invasive species.

Total amount awarded for the 2020 Capital Equipment grants:  $10,000.00

2020 Awarded Grants in both programs = $18,513.00