Cooperative Network: Applauds Gov. Evers on Wisconsin Farm Support Program

MADISON, Wis. [May 21, 2020]  – Cooperative Network, the voice of cooperatives, applauds the efforts of Gov. Tony Evers to assist Wisconsin agriculture through the Wisconsin Farm Support Program. The program, announced yesterday, provides direct cash payments to help Wisconsin farmers recover from the financial impact of COVID-19.

“Wisconsin agriculture is vital to our economy, culture and heritage. COVID-19 has brought to the forefront the importance of our farmers, cooperatives, processors and distributors in meeting the food requirements of the nation,” said Daniel Smith, Cooperative Network President and CEO. “The market and supply chain disruptions from the pandemic have caused severe financial hardships for our farmers and agricultural businesses. This aid is desperately needed to help farmers overcome the current cash flow shortages on the farm.”

Cooperative Network supports cooperatives from a dozen business sectors with government affairs, learning and development programs, and public advocacy. “Every cooperative sector we serve as been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Our cooperative base is strongly reliant on agriculture. The Wisconsin Farm Support Program will help both our farmers and their cooperatives,” said Smith.

Gov. Evers has targeted $50 million in direct payments to farmers as part of the Wisconsin Farm Support Program. In addition, Gov. Evers has approved $15 million as part of a Food Security Initiative to purchase Wisconsin farm products for distribution through food assistance programs across the state. Learn more about the Wisconsin Farm Support Program here